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  1. Interesting that PSA INSTALLED O-RINGS TO THE EXTRACTOR SPRING AND TEST FIRED 25 ROUNDS WITH NO ISSUES . I just received the PSA PA10 from UPS at 830PM last night so will be working it today. Plan on replacing buffer with H3 and spring from Slash, gas tube from Armalite(stock is still the PSA collapsible carbine stock), Cleaning, lubing and setting up scope. Will try to testfire it wed or thurs. I'll use FGGM 175 like they did. That entire post on the extractor is fascinating. Think I'll also look at the ejector and make sure it functions freely. While I like and respect PSA for the PA15, I also know it'll be a trunk gun next to my trunk monkey as it is dependable in 556. The PA10? Originally was trying to mate the PSA upper to a DPMS Oracle LR308 lower. That is another story but, finally just bought the PSA PA10 lower and put it together. Thanks again for knowledge and advice. Owe a beverage to you.
  2. I was being lazy. I have to remove the MLOK FF rails and then I can get to the roll pin. I was going to take out the gas block with tube change it out then put it back. Of course the rifle has to get here first. They processed it for shipment and UPS told me it would be here Monday 3/11. On Tuesday 3/12 I called since it had not shown up. Suddenly it ships 3/12 610PM. Due to me now 3/18. But their website does say 10-15 working days. I will be putting the H3 buffer and correct spring in it, as well as the midlength gas tube which is the same length as the Armalite AR10 carbine gas tube. They must have fired the 25 rounds of 175 from a rest, because with their buffer and spring it would have beaten my shoulder. More when it gets here. And again thanks all especially to the resident genius 98Z5V whose post originally saved me from looking like a dumbass again. Well, not entirely.
  3. If I can get the gas block off this time. I'll put in the Armalite gas tube and the buffer and spring from HeavyBuffers. Looks like PSA is having a little bit of excitement. They are hiring a whole bunch of folks including a comptroller and finance type. And for JJE Capital?
  4. Palmetto Received the rifle on 3/ 1. Shipped it back on 3/5- it's still enroute. what their repair notes to me say: Your repair has been completed. The note from our Repair Team states the following : {INSPECTED THE RIFLE AND IT HAS OUR CORRECT BUFFER, BUFFER SPRING. ALSO THE GAS TUBE IS CORRECT IN LENGTH AND IS POSITIONED CORRECTLY. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH THE MID LENGTH GAS TUBE, IT FUNCTIONS PROPERLY. INSTALLED O-RINGS TO THE EXTRACTOR SPRING AND TEST FIRED 25 ROUNDS WITH NO ISSUES 25 ROUNDS .308 FEDERAL SIERRA MATCH 175GR BRASS
  5. Is that a mid length, carbine length or rifle length gas tube?
  6. I have gas tubes on the way. Think I'm driving Slash nuts cause I just emailed and asked for another H3 and buffer spring. My Palmetto looks like the above, but so does my Oracle 308. Same problems with both in FTF and FTE.
  7. Back to original topic,. does this look a little short in the gas tube arena?
  8. You aren't a dummy, you've proven that. Your help and comments have been tremendously appreciated even if sometimes not acknowledged. Thank you again.
  9. I'm really surprised 98 has not written and published a book like Zediker and others have done just on the AR-308 platform. His intuitive grasp of issues and problems with resulting solutions is valuable.
  10. I have a couple of their PA-15's with no problem whatsoever. This site has been nothing but a learning experience in AR-platforms for me. and Thanks to all.
  11. Acquired the upper and lower separately of a Gen 2 PA10 - 18 inch upper. complete Classic lower receiver. After searching and researching on this forum for anything PA10, I found the excellent pinned note by 98Z5V to PSA detailing the issues- lightweight buffer, short buffer spring, short gas tube, short receiver extension. I received the two shipments, put it together, added a scope and went out to shoot after lubing the heck out of it. Yup, FTF and FTE just as described elsewhere. I had hoped the issues had been corrected but nope. I called PSA and they want me to send it all back so they can correct it. I'm currently waiting on their double box to do that. In the meantime I have the correct buffer and spring, and gas tube on the way to me from Midway and Heavy Buffer. If the parts arrive before the boxes, I'll correct the issues. Again my thanks to Tomas, 98Z5V, for a cogent and precise description of the issues and the solution. PICS later today.
  12. Well good try. Listen I wish you all the luck in the future with this forum and your therapy.
  13. No, my name isn't Richard. I was merely humoring someone who seems to go out of their way to show he might be from the country of Moro. Nothing in your post suggested you were throwing anything except excrement, so I avoided having it splatter. Thank you for your concern. FYI it appears the folks who viewed might have sent pm's or emails as they might have wished to avoid your inane comments. Not sure what in life passed you by and made you bitter, but I am sure you won't get over it without professional help. Good luck in the future.
  14. 98Z5V- We don't measure experience in NRA High Power by the pound or the ton, so I'm sure you are confused, as you stated. I am aware of the NRA High Power Rules for rifles as service or match. Did not ask for anyone to tell me what the rules are. I have been registered on this forum since 2012 however, I haven't been very active. I don't live on forums. I use them as reference points when I need information. The question was simple. What AR-10 platform, or if that's complicated for you think of it as a big AR15 in 308, would be used in NRA High Power? Since this was posted under the sub forum for DPMS, I'm presuming someone who shoots a DPMS model would have a suggestion. Since it had been viewed a number of times and not commented on, I believed it to be a dead issue. Since I don't have the time you obviously do to spend on this forum, I chose to look elsewhere as well. But thank you for you viewpoint. It was instructive.
  15. Have decided there is much wisdom and good juju in this community. I am actively seeking recommendations for an AR-10 platform in 308/7.62x51 that would be suitable to use in NRA HP competitions. Distances would be out to 600yds normally although I have tried my hand a couple of times at 1000yds (at least they all hit the same target). With an M1A I don't get the same better cheekweld I get with an AR10 in sitting and prone. While I like the M1A, I'm curious to see what recommendation y'all have for someone inexperience in AR platforms. I have found older posts but would like a fresh, up to date opinion, based upon the ever changing NRA rules.
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