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  1. Must be the way I'm holding my mouth. Came up with other Oracle stories, but not mine. Thank you, sir.
  2. You mean I can't just pour the smoke back in and it'll work right?
  3. Had a lot of self inflicted problems logging in, but think they've been resolved. I have a DPMS Oracle in 308 with the 16 inch barrel. I put a different grip on it, a non-ventilated free float barrel and a UTG Bugmasters 3-9 scope on it. Shoots fairly well. Posting as ripper51 and Mike Schwartz, I asked for suggestions like a different handguard, muzzle flash hider/brake, trigger, etc and got great answers. Unfortunately I lost all the suggestions and can't find them by searching the posts. The scope in the pictures is my old reliable, Leupold VX2. Liked it but liked the Bugmaster better. Bugmaster has Mil-dot reticle which I can use. Could I ask y'all to make the suggestions again. I'm trying to use this in NRA HP OTC at 200, 300, and 600 yards. 16inch is a little short for trying anything longer. The color is off in the pics as the grip is actually desert sand color, not scum green. Thanks in advance.