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  1. MSchwartz

    Looking for a recommendation for HP Competition

    Well good try. Listen I wish you all the luck in the future with this forum and your therapy.
  2. MSchwartz

    Looking for a recommendation for HP Competition

    No, my name isn't Richard. I was merely humoring someone who seems to go out of their way to show he might be from the country of Moro. Nothing in your post suggested you were throwing anything except excrement, so I avoided having it splatter. Thank you for your concern. FYI it appears the folks who viewed might have sent pm's or emails as they might have wished to avoid your inane comments. Not sure what in life passed you by and made you bitter, but I am sure you won't get over it without professional help. Good luck in the future.
  3. MSchwartz

    Looking for a recommendation for HP Competition

    98Z5V- We don't measure experience in NRA High Power by the pound or the ton, so I'm sure you are confused, as you stated. I am aware of the NRA High Power Rules for rifles as service or match. Did not ask for anyone to tell me what the rules are. I have been registered on this forum since 2012 however, I haven't been very active. I don't live on forums. I use them as reference points when I need information. The question was simple. What AR-10 platform, or if that's complicated for you think of it as a big AR15 in 308, would be used in NRA High Power? Since this was posted under the sub forum for DPMS, I'm presuming someone who shoots a DPMS model would have a suggestion. Since it had been viewed a number of times and not commented on, I believed it to be a dead issue. Since I don't have the time you obviously do to spend on this forum, I chose to look elsewhere as well. But thank you for you viewpoint. It was instructive.
  4. Have decided there is much wisdom and good juju in this community. I am actively seeking recommendations for an AR-10 platform in 308/7.62x51 that would be suitable to use in NRA HP competitions. Distances would be out to 600yds normally although I have tried my hand a couple of times at 1000yds (at least they all hit the same target). With an M1A I don't get the same better cheekweld I get with an AR10 in sitting and prone. While I like the M1A, I'm curious to see what recommendation y'all have for someone inexperience in AR platforms. I have found older posts but would like a fresh, up to date opinion, based upon the ever changing NRA rules.
  5. MSchwartz

    DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Been a long time off the board, but found all the advice, including how to really use the search function, valuable. Replaced the handguard with the mentium. Put the RA140 in and it does smooth out the squeeze. Finally settled on the UTG Bugbuster in 3-9 as an optic. No problems there and the MilDot is great to use. Gas block in and good to go. And yes, I'm aware it won't be a great competition High Power contender, but anxious now that I have time to see if I pick up points over the M1A. Thanks all, and for the patience.
  6. Must be the way I'm holding my mouth. Came up with other Oracle stories, but not mine. Thank you, sir.
  7. You mean I can't just pour the smoke back in and it'll work right?
  8. Had a lot of self inflicted problems logging in, but think they've been resolved. I have a DPMS Oracle in 308 with the 16 inch barrel. I put a different grip on it, a non-ventilated free float barrel and a UTG Bugmasters 3-9 scope on it. Shoots fairly well. Posting as ripper51 and Mike Schwartz, I asked for suggestions like a different handguard, muzzle flash hider/brake, trigger, etc and got great answers. Unfortunately I lost all the suggestions and can't find them by searching the posts. The scope in the pictures is my old reliable, Leupold VX2. Liked it but liked the Bugmaster better. Bugmaster has Mil-dot reticle which I can use. Could I ask y'all to make the suggestions again. I'm trying to use this in NRA HP OTC at 200, 300, and 600 yards. 16inch is a little short for trying anything longer. The color is off in the pics as the grip is actually desert sand color, not scum green. Thanks in advance.