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Everything posted by otto150

  1. kick me out, next time say what you gotta say to me personally
  2. ok fucker , here we go. I am a mechanic anda good one.i always ceck everything thoroughly.dont ever doubt my integrity or ability.so fornicate you chickenshit center of uranus.i said the disconnector stuck. , and it lookedlike the hardened surface came off.what fucking more should I do, send it to you personally.for your self righteous approval.
  3. im done with this topic...……..im not getting into a cyber bitch fest
  4. well,i understand all your sides , but, it kind of did look like the hardness of the components was partially gone .ididnt mess with it to much and foul up the warranty,it reminded me of a rockerarm that the hard surface had been worn away.if that brings a good visual to mind for you
  5. I was smoking , he was 5.8 feet, poss.350. I didn't stickmy nosee in his corn hole and analyze the smell.we both chuckled though.
  6. kick me out , block me , cyber demerit, what ever.was just a statement.
  7. okay, dammit.i wasn't trashing any one or any company .I was just saying a product failed . it happens I too have other cmc triggers .just decided to get a jard .I personally work to much to micro analize why it faled.i do know, I have been a mechanic for well over 30 years, and all companyshave some issues.if it is man made , its not perfectyou learn that over the years.thats why companys have warranties.im not bullpoopy neither is what transpired.i barely have time to clean my rifles let alone analyze a fucking trigger.imsure they will tell me when I get it back .I did say, once more, they are taking care of it.i was just sharing an experience with other gun owners, I thought.fornicate, im sorry I even brought it up.get off my ass
  8. also, id like to see some do a bumpstock on a binary trigger, just for giggles.
  9. yes, , I did, and its on its way back.they will stand by it.again, not saying cmc is bad, but I just got a jard more timely.my ststing this was apersonal experience. that's all.
  10. ok sorry, no baiting or bullpoopy intended. I assure you.the disconnector failed , wouldn't reset,if it did, trigger pull was harsh,no , it wasn't dirty.sorry, didn't mean to poop on any one s easter parade.just saying I like the jards, it works good for me and a good price.thats all.
  11. last sunday . I was shooting , on a smoke break, this rather obese guy hiked his leg a ripped a big fart, with gusto.ilaughed and said , I see you brought your 50 cal today.
  12. my cmc trigger failed shortly after 300 rds. ordered a jard 3.5 flat non adj.and no walk pins for just over 80.00 dollars,put in my del ton ar 10. this I must say is a good trigger , I am impressed so far nearing 200 rounds.they won me over as a future customer...
  13. im only 174 pounds, but I could eat every 2 hours.i guess my metabolism is in warp speed.i do work hard also.and walk my rottie everyday.
  14. anyone else ever stop at work and think, damn, im hungry, a snickers sounds good, or, anything else. a blue berry muffin as I thought about today.i know. kind of a goofy question, but it happens.
  15. tried these last week, with 4064, was very impressed.still gotta give a hats off to sierra , get best groups with them. 18 inch ar10 rifle digested them both.
  17. any one else have a big hankering for a semi auto 300 win mag.....these look killer to me.
  18. welcome my friend, youll have fun in here.damn nice weapon you have.........
  19. otto150

    n120 for 300aac

    have not treied it yet , kinda hard to find in n, central ohio still. i will def. give it a try tho..
  20. thinking seriously on this rifle soon.any one have one , or shot one
  21. north central ohio ,maybe?
  22. otto150

    n120 for 300aac

    works good with 180 grain pills and 17.8 gr. n120
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