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  1. Thanks for the comments. I will play around with the magazine catch. I thought Matrix lowers were based on the Armalite A-series? Aren't DPMS parts proprietary and different from the Armalite A series?
  2. I used what looks like a DPMS bolt catch and the magazine doesn't drop free anymore. (Before I installed the bolt catch/stop, it dropped free). Here are 2 pics. Thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone. Looking for a Matrix (Armalite A Series) compatible bolt stop and magazine catch. Anyone have an online source? Armalite and DSG Arms websites are sold out, and couldn't find anything on ebay or gunbroker.
  4. I monkeyed around with the roll pin and was able to get it to go in. New problem: after installing the bolt stop, the magazine won't drop free anymore. I bought the lower parts kit from a retailer that advertised that their kits were Matrix compatible. Below are pics of the bolt stop and magazine catch. Are these the wrong parts? (Any source for the right ones?). Very frustrating.
  5. The screw won't even start because the diameter is too large.
  6. What are the dimensions/size of these pins? Do you have a link? Here’s a picture of the receiver and screw (and extra pin). The screw got bent when I pulled it out of the hole.
  7. I am assembling a Matrix 762 lower that I bought a couple of years ago and the bolt catch screw is too wide to fit in the bolt catch screw hole on the receiver. (I have LPK from Central Florida Firearms and Chandler Hardwoods - both screws are too wide and so is an ar15 roll pin). I tried using a handheld vice to push in the screw but it didn't work and I was afraid to damage the receiver. Any recommendations?
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