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  1. Will do got a call back from faxon today they said the wear rings around the throat and shoulder are from the nitride bath and will wear down over time
  2. This was my first full assembly of an ar style rifle I personally dont think there is a problem now that breaking in wont fix just concerned as to rings around the shoulder of the case the ammo in photo is American eagle by federal
  3. Shooterrex I grew up out your way in lagrange
  4. Ram have you solved your problem if so what was the cause just sharp ramps?
  5. Just finished 308 build have not shot it yet because it was difficult to very difficult cycle live rounds and left marks all over said round and light strikes on the primer I then slathered the poop out of it with cpl and let it sit it now cycle rounds just to be safe I took said gun to local gunsmith and showed him said gun and bullets he proclaimed the barrel to be out of spec because there where horizontal line around the shoulder of the case as well as scratches all over the case and projectile I have called faxon and left a message for them call me back Build components Aero precision- upper,lower and handguard Faxon- 18inch heavy gunner barrel, bolt carrier group, gas tube and block Cmg- 3.5 trigger Hogue- pistol grig Other- a2 stock, rifle length spring and buffer,
  6. Carbine I believe I have yet to purchase the buffer tube I'm open to suggestions on what buffer I should get
  7. Hi yall I'm haveing a hard time understanding what buffer I need to get I will be using a standard milspec tube and a tubbs flat spring I've read that an adjustable gas block is very helpful will also be getting one of those
  8. Hey I'm from Ky I'm out Paris way
  9. Problem solved I'm an idiot who thought there wasn't a dimple there was a dimple I'm sorry yall
  10. Hi came to the forum because I recently purchased a stripped ar10 lower and since YouTube doesnt have much in the way of ar10 info I came here hope to learn a lot from everyone
  11. http://www.solinvictusarms.com There's the link will try to get pictures up tomorrow they don't sell any products on they're page have sent them a message no reply yet
  12. I recently purchased a stripped lower from sol invictus arms and I noticed that it doesnt have a dimple where an end plate would go if it's normal what all do I need to complete the buffer tube assembly..if it's not then I clearly need to send it back lol
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