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  1. Mine has shot the lower end 150 gr factory pretty darn good and I ran a box of PPU "match" 175 gr though it that shot well too. If I can get the 150 gr Speer TNT around 1 1/2 MOA I'll be a happy camper.
  2. Bought a very in expensive 7.62X39 upper from Bear Creek Arsenal the classic 16" standard hand guard front sight post w/ BCG and charging handle. Picked up a Magpul MOA build kit for a PSA lower. I already had a flip up rear sight but with my old eyes I picked up a cheap red dot to slap on it. Bought cheap Tula FMJ ammo and C Products and D&H mags. I tried boths mags when I got them cycling them by hand. The C Products was flawless and the D&H wouldn't pick up the first round. Sent it back and waited for a range trip before I bought more C Products mags. Took me about eight rounds to get on paper and then getting a close zero at a 100 yards I started sending them down range. For cheap ammo, cheap upper ($199) and cheap red dot ($99) with old eyes I was satisfied. Almost every round was MOM (minute of man) which for the red dot at that range with my old eyes was acceptable. Had only one FTF on a new mag reload. I really didn't know what to expect but I'm going to use it as my get home truck gun and re-zero it at 50 yards on the carbine range. I hoping for better than spray and pray accuracy and that's what I got. Moral to the story C Products mags work.
  3. Actually had mine out for the second time today. I ran the last 10 Federal Fusion MSR 150s through it. 20 PPU match 175gr and 20 PPU 150gr soft points. Zero issues and zero malfunctions. I did email PSA regarding running soft points through it. I understand the potential issues but haven't seen any of them. That may change as it breaks in so I thought I'd ask them. When I asked PSA about barrel break in and hand loads they gave me the "we recommend only factory ammunition for our rifles" response. So, I'm assuming maybe if they seen some issues with soft points they'll give me the same response.
  4. My AR inventory is pretty much SHTF insurance so I was thrilled with the performance. Still train and shoot them obviously but for me it was way easier to get bolt guns to shoot very accurately.
  5. I've actually got a box of 150 SSTs. I'll work those up and if they shoot well I suppose I can suck up the extra $50 per 1000 for the better terminal performance. Thanks for the reminder. I had them in a box with a bunch of other stuff I was taking to a swap meet Saturday.
  6. Yes 1-10 twist. I've had great results with Barnes bullets in a couple of my bolt guns but for this rifle I'm looking for as in expensive a load as I can get. It looks like a 150 FMJ might have to be the answer. I'd prefer something that is designed to expand but since this will primarily be a SHTF gun I guess I shouldn't care as much.
  7. Thanks again. I didn't think of that do you have a recommendation on a 150 gr PP/hunting bullet that's in the 20-25 cent range. Something other than an FMJ I suppose or am I overthinking it with respect to terminal performance since it's a .30cal vs .22 cal projectile? It is not my primary or secondary hunting rifle.
  8. Thanks. My plan was to run the 150 Speer BTSP so working up a hand load around the same 2800ish velocity should be a breeze and should be pretty similar to the Fusion soft point. I had a few gas guns give me fits so this was a welcome surprise. I'll admit too that even though is was only a 10 rnd mag dump it's more fun and authoritative than a .223 mag dump.
  9. The rain finally broke in middle TN and got to the range this morning to put some rounds down range. Rifle is a PSA gen2 that I bought the lower (MOE MIAD ACS-L) and upper (stainless 18" w/16" keymod) separate. Mounted a Vortex Diamondback HP 3-12X44 wBDC reticle in a Aero Precision ultra light one piece both of which I already had and ammo was Federal Fusion 150gr MSR. Range has a very nice sight in steel so I was on paper after two rounds. Three more and had a good zero. Shot two five shot groups and was extremely pleased. Both groups about 1.5 moa with the factory trigger (which isn't too bad). Put on the magneto speed as was getting an average velocity of 2786fps (advertised is 2770). Put that in the ballistics app and the BDC hashes are almost exactly for 200, 300, 400 and 500yds). Put the 2nd hash on the 12" plate at 300 and a got a first round hit. Moved to the 8" and same result. Missed the 6" so I looked at the first two hits and I was a tad high. Went back to paper and fired a couple and that looked to be the case. Adjusted down 1 moa and that looked good so went back to the 6" plate and ding! Needless to say I more than impressed with out of the box, first rounds factory ammo accuracy. The only minor hiccup was that the 10 round PMAG was pretty snug out of the box so I had to work it a bit to make sure it was properly seating but after about three mag changes it was good to go. I even ran off 10 rounds as fast as I could aim and then went back to the bench and with a pretty warm barrel was still grouping well. Best initial AR pattern rifle out of the box experience I've ever had.
  10. Thank you sir. I'll give that a look. Goofy question of the day, why hasn't Pmag produced a x39 mag to lite the AR platform fire? Is it that complicated an engineering issue that makes metal a requirement?
  11. Been looking at building an x39 for a bit and it seemed like the issue for the AR platform has been the magazine. I've seen some positive comments on some new mag entries on the market but would like some sage advice before I commit. The AK platform has never interested me but the round sure does.
  12. I went to all 9mm for pistols and 22LR for a few platforms. I only lack the x39. Was going to sell the .308 bolt bench gun but I might look to swap for an AR or AK in 7.62x39.
  13. Believe or not my goal was to reduce the number of cartridges and if possible the number of rifles. I had 300BLK and 6.5 grendel but once I got bolt gun fever I went back to .223/5.56. I looked at the big bores for a bit since I try to get to FL a couple times a year for hog hunting but where we hunt the palmettos are so thick getting off more than two good shots is tough. I do have intrest in 7.62X39. If I add a caliber that would be it but even with several lowers already in the safe I can't decide between AR or AK pattern. I've talked to a couple of folks that say the mags for the x39 for the AR have gotten a lot better and if that's the case that would help make up my mind.
  14. I looked really hard at the Springfield SOCOM 16 and if I add another .308 semi to the stable that's what it will be. The M1A in 6.5 Creedmoor is quite interesting too
  15. Well God bless you and her. My wife likes to shoot but I do get the "and what does that gun do that the other more than a dozen do?" I've worn the shoe argument out.
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