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  1. Mongo40

    Night Vision Scope

    That is cool but building a night sight is way out of my league!!! No knowledge about them at all other than using them in the military.
  2. I'm looking at getting a night vision scope, wanting to stay under a $1000, I've looked at a Pulsar and the ATN's but reviews are all over the place on them, does anyone have a recommendation, I don't need all the bells an whistles, "Blue Tooth, video, range finding" just a decent night vision capability. Thanks!
  3. Mongo40

    Gas Tube

    After looking around, someone posted some lengths, Armalite's rifle length is 15.5" about a quarter inch longer than the rest which would be about right so may give that one a try.
  4. Mongo40

    Gas Tube

    I put together a 308 using AERO upper an lower, AR Stoner 20" barrel an BCG. Was shooting it this past weekend and 99% of the shots I was short stroking, It will eject but not load the next round. The barrel says it uses a rifle length gas tube so I installed a mil spec rifle length one I purchased from Midway and its just a little short of being in the middle of the cam cut out in the upper, also I wasn't shooting it "Wet". I used the search function an these are two of the cures I came up with from that so anyone have advice as to where I can get a little longer gas tube than current stock mil spec, cheap fix an then I'll try it again and see if it fixes my problem. Thanks