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  1. Aks72

    PRS set up

    Sorry, I did fail to mention the most important piece. The scope is from a fairly new company called Tract optics. It’s their Response 4-16x42 BDC reticle. HD Schott glass, a solid optic. I am looking to upgrade to their Toric 4-20x50 30mm only because of more range in election adjustment. I would highly recommend a look. Thanks for your replies. I’ll give it a go with a little more confidence.
  2. Aks72

    PRS set up

    Hello all. Just coming aboard and wanted to hear your thoughts. Although I regret it, I’ve participated in a local PRS style shoot and now I’m hooked. I am new to AR-10 for long range and am a little concerned my rig will not be sufficient at longer ranges, 800+ yards. My current setup is an Adams Arms P3 18” voodoo barrel with adjustable gas block. A sub Moa and solid at 500 yards using factory Federal premium 168 grn Sierra matchking bthp. Should I be looking at a longer barrel or am I ok and just work on the skills. Also Is there anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area that shoots in the PRS club that’s willing to offer some pointers. Thanks