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Cam Harrington

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  1. Cam Harrington

    Brand new AR 10 man. HELP

    All I did was Google accuracy loads for the AR 10 and it took me here.
  2. Cam Harrington

    Brand new AR 10 man. HELP

    Lol! No prizes here. My bolt guns have sentimental value to me. The AR style gun I could let go, for a price. ?
  3. Cam Harrington

    Brand new AR 10 man. HELP

    Haha. Thanks for replying. I'm just trying to cut down on wasted time. If I could hear someone say that their gun likes IMR 4034 and a certain HPBT bullet then I would start there. Or whatever they use. I'm only going to use a hunting type bullet since I'm hunting and bench rest shooting. I have a 200 yard range in my backyard and that's as far as I could get it. Anymore help would be appreciated. Thanks guys and gals!?
  4. Cam Harrington

    Brand new AR 10 man. HELP

    I'm brand new to this website so please be patient with me. I've been a reloading, bench rest shooter and hunter for over 20years. I just had a guy to build me an AR 10 by Aero Precision. I'm looking for a good load to start with. I'm wanting to use a Nosler Ballistic Tip in 150 grain. I did see that Nosler made a 168 grain Accubond Long Range that I would try. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do have a 20 inch match grade SS barrel if that makes a difference. Thanks guys.