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  1. I ended up sending the entire rifle to Proof Research. After some testing they opened up the gas port a hair and sent it back. Gave it a good cleaning and lube and readjusted the gas block until it would hold open on an empty mag. Haven't had a problem since. It seems that Proof Research has the gas port opened up to get just enough gas through to cycle, however a small percentage of builds need the gas port to be larger. I spent a lot of time and $ getting it to run and don't mind answering any questions to save other people the trouble.
  2. **UPDATE*** After a lot of back and forth, I sent the rifle to Proof Research. To make a long story short, they widened the gas port to .088 and they say it runs like a champ now. After reading around it would appear that I am not the first person to have a 20" barrel not cycle the rifle with the gas port length/size they ship their barrels with. Seems to work okay with their 22" and 24", but I guess the 20" barrel gas port needs to be wider or be at rifle length? Looking to run the rifle this weekend to verify. Hopefully this post will serve someone well in the future that has the same problem and save them a lot of time and $. Thanks again everyone for their help. Look forward to being a part of the forum.
  3. Small update: I measured the gas port this evening and it is at .082. My brother in law has a similar build and I will have the opportunity to try a different BCG this weekend to gain some more insight. May try to swap uppers/lowers/bolts/bolt carriers, etc... to hopefully help to eliminate some more things in the troubleshooting process. Anything else I should be trying or be looking at? I want to eliminate everything else before I bring the barrel in to widen the gas port. Thanks everyone for the continued responses. ?*cheers
  4. Happy New Year everyone! Small update. I was able to shoot the rifle this weekend running the standard buffer/spring along with a standard, non adjustable gas block. Long story short, nothing has changed and the rifle is still short stroking. Starting to think the port is undersized or something is going on with the BCG. Growing increasingly frustrated ? Emailed Proof with an update and will call JP Ent tomorrow. Will let everyone know if I come up with anything else. Open to suggestions.
  5. Took 98Z5V's advice and swapped out to a standard .308 buffer/spring. Quick summary is i'm still having the same problem ? Standard gas block on order. A few others things I noticed that I can add to help piece this puzzle together, however they be nothing: Spent casings have a lot of powder residue by neck 2 faint scratch marks down the casings on fired brass I find that the bolt starts to not move very well in the bolt carrier after only around 10 rounds. Brother in law has a very similar build, except he is running a low mass carrier. Going to try the new gas block when it arrives. If that doesn't work, i will try using his BCG. If neither works I need to call PROOF back. That's all the new information I have for now. Will update when I have more. Cheers. ?
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. What’s the diameter of the gas port? Are you sure it’s short stroking and not bolt override? I do not know the diameter of the gas port. I spoke with someone from PROOF today and he says he thinks it is .082? I do not think it is bolt override due to trying different mags and firing while manually holding the bolt catch. You should measure the internal Depth & post it here , we get a lot of this type of issue . About 9 and 3/4ths internal depth. The silent capture sits up against the buffer retainer pin with the supplied spacer. Rifle will lock back on the bolt catch when cycled manually on empty mag. You're right 98Z5V. After speaking with JP Enterprises and Proof I will be moving forward with the K.I.S.S. method. (Keep it simple stupid!) Standard spring and buffer on order. Will try that before throwing more $ on a standard gas block. I know the # of clicks to have the gas block fully open so I will run it like that with new buffer/spring and report back. The guy I spoke with from PROOF said the barrel is designed to run with standard equipment.The reason for going with the adjustable block and silent capture in the first place was it was recommended to help control the increased pressures of the Creedmoor as opposed to the .308; of course that was based on a standard rifle length gas system and not the CAMGAS. That's likely where I fucked up. I wont be able to shoot the rifle again until next weekend. I'll update everyone with the results. Thanks again.
  7. Hi everyone! New to the forum. Searched around this forum and many others trying to find a similar problem to the one I am having and have had no luck. This is my 4th AR platform build, but my first in LR308. Rifle is in 6.5 Creedmoor. Build list below: LOWER Stripped Aero M5 Aero LPK Geissele SSA-E trigger Ergo Grip DPMS Buttstock extension tube JP Enterprises Silent capture spring Gen 2 Standard Version w/ 3 spring kit Magpul PRS gen 3 stock PMAGs UPPER Stripped Aero M5 Proof Research Carbon Fiber 20" CAMGAS 6.5 Creedmoor w/ gas tube Superlative Arms adjustable gas block JP Enterprises Full mass carrier w/ high pressure enhanced bolt SLR 16 inch SOLO Ultra Lite KeyMod handguard Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake – Gen 2 RADIAN RAPTOR-LT AR10 charging handle Razor HD AMG / Vortex QR 30mm So with the rifle fully assembled, I go to break in the barrel to the manufacture's recommendations. I decide this would be a good time to start adjusting the gas block. I am using the heaviest spring in the Silent Capture and starting with my gas block one turn from closed. I load one round into the magazine, send it home, and fire my first shot. As expected, the rifle did not cycle and I adjust my gas block one more turn open and repeat. My plan was to repeat this process until the bolt holds back on the empty magazine and then adjust an additional 1/4 of a turn open to account for pressure variations between different ammo. However, I was never able to get the bolt to hold open on an empty magazine. I was getting a good ejection, but no hold open. The bolt would hold open when racked manually. With my gas block now wide open, my first remedy was to try a different magazine. Same problem. The next step I took was to try different ammo. Same problem. Rifle was well lubed and being cleaned periodically because that was part of the barrel break in procedure. I was running out of day light and packed up for the day. Once arriving home I figured the first thing to do was a full break down and cleaning of the rifle. My next thought was to confirm that my gas block was aligned properly. After removing the block, the carbon ring seemed to confirm that the gas block was properly aligned. I used the HB industries gas block alignment kit to confirm alignment when reinstalling. Next trip out I was experiencing the same problems. The silent capture came with 3 different springs. I was running the heaviest spring so the next thing I tried was changing the spring down to the middle spring. Same problem. Then the lightest spring. Same problem. Decided to check the bolt catch next to see if perhaps it was not engaging the bolt. Tried firing while holding the bolt catch. Same problem. No lock back. I am getting good ejection. Bolt and action are moving smoothly. Gun is getting cloverleaf groups. I thought maybe I could have a leak in the carrier. I called JP Enterprises and explained what was going on. He said that it their BCG run through such a strenuous process that it would be highly unlikely it was a leak in the carrier. He stated that PROOF's CAMGAS barrels are known to have port holes that are too small in diameter. Has anyone else experienced this? Emailed PROOF Research next. He stated that the CAMGAS barrel was designed around running everything milspec or standard weights. He admitted that short stroking was a common problem with the CAMGAS when using silent capture, and that going lighter with the spring may have been counter-productive. He went on to explain that when the silent capture is put into a rifle with the CAMGAS system, your bolt unlocks earlier than designed and does not allow as much pressure to build through your gas system before sending the BCG back. His recommended fix was a heavier buffer (I'm running the standard silent capture instead of the heavy H2.) They make tungsten rings to replace the stainless ones to increase the weight of the silent capture essentially making it a H2/H3 buffer depending on how many you change out. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues? Is there any other steps that I didn't think of to troubleshoot this? I plan on ordering the tungsten rings to try to see if I can get the rifle to cycle with increased buffer weight. I may even order a standard buffer spring/buffer combo to try first. I will update as this unfolds to hopefully help someone in the future. Look forward to any advice anyone has to offer. Thanks in advance!
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