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  1. There is the lower showing the spring and the rifle to see if anyone notices something strange or abnormal. Photos.app.zip
  2. Sorry for the late response, but the internal length is 7" and the coils are 24 between the two end coils. I had it checked for me earlier since I am not home an able to mess with the gun. Now regarding the gas block. I had it put on by a gunsmith in town, and once it was on i headed back to the house to adjust it. It had 20 clicks of adjustment in it. I ran about 16 rounds through it trying to get the bolt to lock on an empty mag. Opening it up more and more with every round. I must have just adjusted it open to much where the screw was loose or something because when i shot a FTE happened and smoke was everywhere at the front of the gun. When i looked the adjustment screw was gone and the front was open and i could see the detent spring. The gas block was a Odin Works. Sorry for making it sound catastrophic, wasn't exactly an exploding gas block.
  3. I’ll get the length tomorrow, I don’t have the gun with me right now. But I’ve ran about 60 rounds through it so far.
  4. I recently just built my first AR and decided to go with mostly Aero Precsion parts. Everything is Aero except for the pmag, Faxon non-adjustable gas block, Faxon 18” rifle length barrel. I’ve had trouble with it from day one. At first it wasn’t cycling the next round, and it got worse with higher-grain round I went. Just this past week it has started to cycle better but I went ahead and put a adjustable gas block on thinking it was just over-gassed. I ended up blowing the gas block out because I adjusted it to far open. Once I put the old gas block on from Faxon it cycled fine. I still haven’t had it lock on an empty mag however. I’ve had 3 different gunsmiths look at it and they all have said different things (over-gassed, magazine, buffer system). I was curious as to if anyone has had these problems or knows a fix to it. The buffer system is the aero kit with a 3.8 ounce buffer. I’ve used 147, 165, and 175 grain rounds.
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