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    Shooting, hunting, drinking at camp, more shooting, more hunting, fishing when it's warm, spending as much time as possible in the woods away from people.
  1. I am so new I don't know if I can say welcome, but I will. Sorry about your Dad. So many of us Vietvets are passing. Guess it's our time. 1911's rule. Heavy, hard to conceal, not the most accurate (particularly in the Corps), but dependable. Round after round, reliable.
  2. I kinda lost count, but I think it's 8, if you count the two I am building right now. They are all locked away and I don't want to go pull them out. All are Para Ordnance LDA's in .45, except the two new builds, they are 9mm. Lived in Orange County for 3 1/2 years total back in 69 to 74. Was in Santa Ana when there were still orange groves. Glad your uncles made it back.
  3. Like the username says, old Jarhead joining the forum. Trained with the M-14, which in my humble opinion is still the greatest battle rifle ever made, however I am trying to put away my hatred of the M16 and join the modern world. Just bought an AR10 on Gunbroker. Think that with Pelosi and company in charge of the House I better do it now. If they have their way we will all be criminals. Have a C and R license and am always watching for WWII era stuff. Vietnam Vet, made it home ok. My Brothers and Sisters who didn't are constantly on my mind. Took an oath to the Constitution a long time ago, it has no expiration date. My gun inventory includes: Springfield M1a, 1903-a3, SMLE No1 MK3, a bunch of Para Ordnance 1911's, Browning BLR in .308, several old shotguns (mostly 16gauge) and a few others for fun and hunting. My carry is a Para Ordnance 3" .45cap, thanks to John Browning! Look forward to learning more about Eugene Stoner's better idea.
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