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  1. Shot it yesterday. Got 3-4 mags(10rnd) through it before near teh end of one mag, the bolt rode over the bullet as bullet was feeding. wasnt the mag. tried single slow shots and rapid fire-didnt make difference. MIGHT chalk it up to ammo(cheap bulk) but... it did better after; proper length gas tube port to .0785 long spring 5.4x buffer 2 quarter stack ran out of full mags and was 50 miles from the ammo can... ideas before i run another $40 through it?
  2. of course youre right-by the time i read my post, i couldnt edit. this one is rifle length but doesnt note port size. which would you prefer-18 or 20"? https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bca-ar-10-complete-upper-assembly-20-4150-parkerized-socom-barrel-308-1-10-twist-rifle-length-gas-system-w-15-m-lok-rail?utm_source=Bear+Creek+Arsenal+Newsletter&utm_campaign=172c3b3265-12%2F29%2F2017-+NEW+Rose+Gold+Glock+Barrels_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f428505653-172c3b3265-132848813&mc_cid=172c3b3265&mc_eid=3c39da930a
  3. The BSA noted is rifle length gas system
  4. Rainier followed through with speed and excellence. The correct length tubes arrived and are 12.0x Did some super redneck milling on the trash PSA upper so I could use it if I wanted to to gain the clearance on the upper to allow the mag to fully seat easy up into the upper. now to find some ammo to send downrange. Might be a while
  5. and as you so accurately figured out-these guys show their barrel as a 0.082 gas port hole. https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/b308msc18110-p so I went brave and used a 0.080 drill on mine without testing any prior size. I figure with whatever runout in my drill, im pretty super close to that and under a little is better than the ~0.073 i started with
  6. so rainier has the correct 12.xx in stock and mistakenly sent me the 15.5" They are awesome and sent me a label and sending me the right ones. stocked up for future builds.
  7. yep. will just wait for rainier tomorrow and if they dont have a 12, the will order from LBE and return to apparently rifle length to Rainier
  8. DErrrrrr.. so what happens when you post late at night with a sick kid, your brain is not connectted. you are correct!!! I had Joe Bobs tell me midlength doesnt matter and since its bent, the length isnt precise. I will wait till rainier gets back to me or call them Monday and see if their midlength is 12 and we can swap back. otherwise will order from LBE direct and get a stockpile. BTW-my POS PSA gas tube was INSANELY fouled on the outside on both ends and its got less than 300 through it.
  9. Bummer-that armalite part number gave me the rainier website and when I called-i got sent the ~15" version. I think it was this one which is the right price for what I paid and it came as 15" https://www.rainierarms.com/armalite-ar10-gas-tube-carbine/ this site showed the dimension; https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/lbe-unlimited-ar-10-mid-length-gas-tube-stainless-steel-argt308-765857617589.do?from=Search&cx=0 and when I went direct to the site-they didnt show the dimension, but it was ~$4 cheaper https://www.lbeunlimited.com/product/argt308/ these guys are out of stock and are apparently the longest with a posted dimension; https://dsgarms.com/arm10007005 since mine was 11.75, im going to try the 12.06 and leave it at that since the DGS at 12.125 is not available and honestly, may be too long based on a tentative measurement for how far the PSA stuck into the moon.
  10. went conservative 0.0785 from 0.073 13.5" spring from 11.25 2 quarters=7.625 buffer tube from 7.825 5.48oz buffer from 3.xx rainier gas tube was supposed to be the right length BUT came as 393mm(~15.5") and my old one was 298mm((~11.73") and should have been something like 305 or 310-i dont know exact but in all cases-waiting for the mail again.... 18" barrel from PSA came with the shorter 298 the part number in google sent me to the rainier site which turns out arrived in the aforementioned 393mm so now I have to return and get the right one from somewhere. maybe should be 12"?
  11. Tubes in the mail from rainier uppers in pieces waiting for parts along with 5.4 buffers and correct arma springs
  12. yep-both barrel at gas port are 0.7500 both ports the same at between 0.0735-0.0750 so going straight up to 0.0780 should be zero issue. I didnt buy an adjustable gas block. got the A2 on one and small fixed block on the MLOK. both are 18" MLOK is 18, stainless and 3/4 at the port A2 is 18, standard, and 3/4 at the port.
  13. got the gas blocks off, both are between 0.073-0.075. i dont have the steps in between to be more precise and the only thing I had that was the 0.0735 was a tap.. and the 075 wouldnt go in.
  14. so pulled the gas block on both uppers. my pin set a little too wide but I got it narrowed to between 0.0735-0.0750 for the gas port. What should i drill it to? one barrel is stainless. Both are PSA
  15. FYI, armalite is out of the $6 spring but https://dsgarms.com/armea1095 has it in stock for $8 and the PSA buffer was 3.88oz sooo heavy.... oh, yeah, sarcasm.
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