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  1. Yes, am doing another 5.56 in a side charger but STILL trying to find an upper that's suitable as a RIGHT side charger in .308. My biggest gripe being the upper MUST have the threaded plug where the charging handle goes in. I've seen about every other convoluted method of plugging the slot but if it's not the threaded plug..then I'll pass on it. 'My' 1st side charger 5.56 was from Sanders Armory in Fla. BUT...now they can't get their vendor to supply them. 8~12 month wait & that's a "maybe". He quit doing .308's 2? years ago because people were to stupid to figure out how to properly build them. Only good thing..sorta.. is the 15 upper/lower parts are fairly standard... 308's are a different breed. We've built both and never had a problem but have never built a right-side charging .308. Still looking forward to doing one. I don't know anything about Moriarti so I guess I'll be finding out. 😐 Dan
  2. Ordered 11/11/2020 Still searching for a same in .308 that isn't mad of gold/titanium/un-obtanium. Unk what BCA or Eisenacharms still has in stock. I 'almost' went with a full upper from BCA for the cost but didn't like/want the barrel/flash suppressor/guard. Screw the stripped uppers, I want my parts to fit. Just my opinion. This order is complete upper with BCG. Dan
  3. shooterrez...Huge thank you.. I'll go see what they have. Still open for other leads from anyone. Dan
  4. Besides the three companies below... eisenacharms.com fulton-armory.com gibbzarms.com does anyone KNOW of any other companies that build right side charger AR-10's? Clarification follows! Gibbz calls this one below a right side but it's actually left as far as I'm concerned. The charger 'handle' is on the left side. Their 'left side charger' ejects to the left and has the charging handle on the right side. Neither of these are what I'm looking for. <<<<<Right Side Charger -------- Left Side Charger>>>>> This picture below is what I'm looking for in an AR-10 platform. I found what I'm looking for..sorta, thru Fulton-Armory. What I didn't' find was a 'plug' to block where the bolt carrier key exits the upper at the rear. I sent a letter to them asking what about the plug? They said I have to put a regular charge handle in but that's not what I need/want. Eisenacharms has the same design as Fulton and costs $60.00 more. They charge $20.00 for a five cent plastic carrier key plug that's not secured/screwed in. In my view, it has the ability to blow out and hit you in the face. (This is a bolt carrier key from Fulton Arms) Sanders Armory, out of Cape Coral, Florida "used to build" really nice side chargers for AR-15's but apparently no longer does. Here's how theirs' was/is blocked off. <<<<< Any leads, ideas? Dan
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