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  1. Well I got a repsonse from RRA. So I ordered a new handguard, buffer tube, spring. Their ordering process could use some vast improvements. First, it kept saying my first card the CCV number didn't match. Then I finally got it to work with a different card and they didn't give any shipping estimate, all the shipping options where TBD. So I picked UPS Ground hopefully it isn't a ton. Then they were running a site-wide discount but it didn't show in the cart, payment or receipt, no idea if I got it. Lastly, my confirmation email says it takes 7-10 days to process an order for shipment. I will hopefully get my order sometime in March. I'll post back once I receive everything and get it all installed. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Ohh that helps a ton. I will contact them and see what they say. Thank you
  3. Ok guys new user here, I see there is a bunch of great info, but not finding what I'm looking for. I was gifted a Bushmaster .308 that uses the FAL magazines. I wanted to replace the handguard and the skeleton stock to an adjustable stock. I bought a new buffer tube but the site didn't list the length of the buffer tube so I thought nothing of it. The new buffer tube is only 7" and the old one is around 10". I have looked around and seen others offering an AR10 buffer tube and it is slightly longer (about 8"). So my question is, should I just buy a new spring and buffer or a longer buffer tube? My second question is the handguard. I bought a FF keymod and when I went to install it I can thread the nut down but it stops about an 1/8" from the upper. I have called the company and they sent me another one and that one does the same thing. I read online that there are two different threads but I'm not sure which thread I have and nowhere can I find the thread size on any of the handguard sites.
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