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  1. Just in case nobody noticed, this thread is over a year old. OP last posted over a year ago, and never gave any report of what ultimately happened with his rifle.
  2. I shot a simulated 800-point match today with the PA-10. All firing done at 200 yards (used reduced targets for rapid-fire prone and slow-fire prone). I fired on the targets in the reverse-order of how they are typically fired in an NRA/CMP match (i.e. shot prone first). I had no reliable zero for sitting position or offhand position, so figured it made sense work-into a zero that would put me into the ballpark. I’m pretty happy with the result. You can see that I’m still having significant issues with maintaining a good elevation hold. I have this problem (holding consistent elevation) some when shooting the 5.56 AR. Clearly, I’ve got my work cut out for me to get a handle on it with the 7.62. To give you an idea where I am in terms of ability to hold, I reliably shoot “master” scores (94%+) from prone and sitting position. Typically expert scores (89% - 93%) offhand. A few remarks about the targets: 600-yard target reduced for 200 yards. Single-feed loading. Breaking position to reload on each shot. When I began, I thought I already had a solid zero for the load (168 SMK / 41.5 gr. IMR-4895). First shot was that scratch-ten at ten o’clock. Figured good-to-go. Next several shots were SUBSTANTIALLY LOW. Several 7’s. That was pretty annoying, so I started cranking elevation onto the scope until I found my way back into the middle. Little-by-little, I ended up adding a total of TWO MINUTES UP elevation. At about the fifteenth shot, I was out the top. So cranked about a minute down. I think my elevation issue is a function of trigger-control and follow-through combined. I just need to keep working on it with this gun, or I’m going to continue to have slow-prone targets that look like this. 300-yard reduced for 200 yards. Using same load as previous target. You will notice this target also has vertical stringing. Perhaps slightly less-pronounced than the “600-yard” target. This target was fired with the same sight-settings as were used to fire the final shot on the “600-yard” target. Most shots are a bit right too. The displacement to the right is a function of getting on the trigger harder to maintain “rapid-fire” pace. Causes the shots to be pulled a little right for right-handed shooter. 200-yard sitting rapid-fire target. Using surplus Spanish “Santa Barbara” ammo. I fired five sighters on a target not pictured in this post. Using the same sight-setting as the previous target, and much to my surprise, the five sighters landed neatly in the 10-ring and at the ten o’clock position where I like my sighters to go for rapid-fire sitting-position. My sitting-position sighters always mislead and lie to me. The first string of ten shots was enough high and right, that I felt a sight adjustment was warranted. Not wanting to really screw the pooch, I made a too-conservative adjustment of only one click (one-third minute) down, and one click left. From the looks of the target, I could have used a more significant down and left adjustment. Still a master score for the first time firing this rifle from sitting position. So, I guess I’m not too disappointed. Offhand target. 20 shots standing. Zero was a little weird on this one. Started with the same sight-setting as used on previous target. Over the course of the 20 shots, I ended up coming DOWN TWO MINUTES, and also RIGHT TWO MINUTES. So, blew a lot of 8’s high early. Those 7’s on the left, I’ll just own them. Would have probably been 8’s if I’d had the best dope on the gun, but still out there because I shot them out there. Well, there it is. That’s what this rifle “could do” in a match. Really more like what I can do with this rifle in a match. As I mentioned before, I’m no great offhand shooter. I’m pretty dangerous once I get off my feet. I am confident that most of the points lost from supported positions were a function of not having a really good zero for those positions, and also imperfect shot execution. I don’t think this upper is a “lights out” specimen. But, its really not bad. The shooter needs the most work by far.
  3. Regarding Sunday's outing, in order of severity of impact on score: 1. Wind reading 2. Shot execution 3. Equipment
  4. I did enjoy the outing. I wish the wind would blow like that more often. I might actually get good at reading it. At least it kept the biting flies away!
  5. Shot three strings of 20 at 600 yards today at Fort Hill (Cumberland Maryland) Wind was WHIPPING. Today was the most wind I have ever seen at Fort Hill. Wind was blowing shooting mats off the firing line and blowing-over shooting stools and chairs. Temperatures in mid-40's all day. First string was with my AR15 and my best 600-yard ammo (24.4 Varget and 80 SMK). Score was OK. At least it was a master score. Second string was same AR15 but with my "short line" ammo (24.2 Varget and 75 Hornady). Huge difference in how much bullet was pushed around by wind. Third string is what I promised to report. Shot with Palmetto PA-10 that has been subject of this thread. I think the gun did OK. My performance behind the gun... not so much. Play-time with the PA-10 at 600 yard line. My scorekeeper was kind enough to plot shot-location on each shot. The dot in each score-block indicates the approximate location of the impact relative to the center of the target. For instance, Shot #1 was a shot-value of 8, with impact at roughly 4 o'clock (per the dot). First sighter at 600 way low off my estimate. Second sighter at 600 came up 3 minutes (not enough) First record-shot came up 2 more minutes (out the top) second record-shot still too high and wind is making me its bitch already because I'm thinking about elevation issues, and not paying attention to what the wind was doing. Paid for that carelessness. Shots 3-5 Paying attention to the wind and doing OK Shot 6 probably a bad shot (corner shot), but why not correct off a bad shot? Because shot 7. That's why. Out the right now. Shot 8 Figured shot 7 was a bad shot, so don't correct windage.Send another shot to the same spot in the damn 7-ring. Shots 9-12 creeping back from the right side slowly while the wind was playing me more. Shot 13 Completely lose my mind. Bold correction. If you're gonna do bold corrections, might as well put a cherry on it by turning the knob the wrong direction. Hello 5-ring! Shot 14 Still don't want to believe I screwed-up shot 13 so bad. Insufficient correction. Shot 15 Getting really confused, and afraid to touch the knobs. So send another one into almost the same place in the 8-ring as previous shot. Shots 16-17 Creeping back from the right again (favoring some instead of touching knobs). Shot 18 Favored way too much. Way out the left. Shot 19 Nothing to lose now. Just hold center, and try not to flinch. Finally in the X-ring. Shot 20 Do it again. A 10. Well, that was ugly. Mostly ME being ugly. If I had made better wind calls, and if I hadn't made a big brainfart on shot 13, overall score would have been quite a bit better.
  6. Thanks. I just installed the clicky-locky Magpul "XTM" cheese-grater covers on the back half of the graters. Wow. That REALLY makes the rifle more comfortable to handle when wearing an NRA/CMP-legal shooting glove on my left hand. Instead of all the pressure being one rail of the grater on one finger-joint in the palme of my hand, the load is distributed WIDELY. I was going to take a day off from the range tomorrow. But, I'm so excited about the way that handguard feels now, I gotta go get some tomorrow! Cosmetically, with the pic-rails, and the rail covers, the gun is looking a little porky in the handguard area now. But hey, the proof has to be on the scorecard. We shall see. I want to go to Cumberland on Sunday for the 3x600 match but the forecast at Warrior Mountain range is looking mighty cold and wet at this point.
  7. Another range-trip with the PA-10 today in its 15.2# configuration. I still need to add some rail-covers, because the cheese-grater wasn't getting along so well with my left hand, even with a Creedmoor shooting glove. I shot two targets. First target I made some corrections on the sight-adjustment. Target posted here, I left the knobs alone. I have a bad habit of sending the first shot high. Hoping more familiarization, and rail-covers will mitigate that. I fired all shots by feed from the magazine. But, I did break position on each shot to scope the shot in the spotting scope. So far, I'm encouraged by the accuracy this barrel tries to provide when I do my part.
  8. I'm not sure if something weird is happening when I post. I just posted eight pics of brass, and then the post disappeared.
  9. The Palmetto bolt was used in firing each of these batches of brass. The only thing that changed was the installation of the Fulton extractor assembly on SECOND BATCH and THIRD BATCH.
  10. OK, I understand what you are asking about now. Sounds almost like what I had to do to get my 1911 to stop throwing brass backwards, and into my girlfriend's face and then down her blouse. I'll get you some info on that. I received a spare extractor spring and insert from Fulton today. I may install those parts in the Palmetto extractor, and try it in the Palmetto bolt at the range to see if it might really be down to exclusively the extractor springs.
  11. Comparison/Compilation in case anybody is interested
  12. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking to see. Are you asking to see the Palmetto extractor equipped with the Fulton spring-assembly in order to observe where the rear of the Palmetto extractor sits when so-equipped?
  13. Looks like both of my reviews on the Palmetto site are still squashed. Palmetto sent me a reply via email.
  14. Wow. My review was up initially. Looks like Palmetto yanked both of my reviews in fact. I gave the upper a 3-star review - with explanation as to why stars taken away due to specific flaws. I gave the lower a 5-star review with caveat that buttstock and trigger are basic, and should be replaced with better examples of each. Here's what I posted for the upper:
  15. My "review" is live on the Palmetto website https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-gen2-pa10-20-rifle-length-308-win-1-10-stainless-steel-15-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-and-ch-5165447551.html
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