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  1. Ok here is my results after drilling the barrel gas port to .096, obtaining and installing a 15.5" gas rod, obtaining from heavy buffers a 10oz buffer and a AR308 spring and new buffer tube. The gun operates perfectly! I want to thank everyone for your once again proven methods. You have made a believer out of me.
  2. I will research the gas tube because the current one is 15.1" in length. Funny thing this tube came with the upper. I understand that a .5" inch difference is a big deal. Ordered the ar10 buffer spring and a heavier weight buffer. I can also understand the gas port being undersized originally I thought it was too big. Ordered the longer gas tube. These are all great ideas that y'all are coming up with. All easy to understand.
  3. Ok here we go I got the bugger disassembled. I found the following. After removing the roll pin that holds the gas tube in the gas block the tube can travel rearward .5" to contact the BCG gas tube receiver. I have provided photos that show, how far the pinned gas tube protrudes into the chamber area. The gas tube is 15.1" in length. After removing the gas block the carbon ring appears to be centered. As for the barrel I included a photo of manufacturers logo if that any help
  4. DNP don't have the build sheet available for the barrel. Let me take apart the upper and check the current gas block for the carbon ring and check the gas tube position in the upper
  5. To edgecrusher first thank you for the spelling correction on the magpul. I have a steel magazine made by C products. There is a difference between the plastic and steel. Here's what I know the tab that would be on the spring plate is different meaning the new msg engages the BCG lock correctly by lifting it into position better as observed. you mentioned the buffer spring is too short but don't say what is the proper length, you mention the buffer is to light I agree. than you mention tolerance stacking issue. So the first BCG was the wrong one meaning it was for the AR308 platform and yes that tolerance was different so I purchased a new BCG that was inspected and measurements taken to verify if there was any difference. Yes the new BCG has one quality different in that the machining looks finished in that it is smoother. The first BCG has a very rough machined surface. I believe that the new BCG slides back and fourth without the heavy gritty feel that the first BCG had. As for the barrel I have a 20" 1:10 twist the bore and four rifle lands, for the gas port land it is .750" then the actual gas port diameter is .085" the gas block is a JP enterprises one with a standard rifle length tube for the 20" barrel. Thinking that the system was under gassed I open the block up wide open. Still the BCG is not moving. My conclusion not enough gas is being fed to the system. I will remove the adjustable gas block and use the original solid block to eliminate that problem. Hell for all I know the current block could be junk. As for the actual barrel gas port I thought during my research most gas ports where in the .055-.080 size the current port being .085 seemed to be spot on. I have checked to make sure the tube is not split and leaking. As for the tube length and engaging the BCG correctly I can only go off of the fact it was part of the original purchased upper assy. I have even suspected that chamber might not be finished to the correct size since the spent shells don't extract properly. Meaning it takes some extra force to clear them. I have compared the spent shell cases to another guns spent cases and mine seem to be undersized. I do reload and use calipers to verify what I'm talking about. The gun has never cycled the BCG back and fourth properly. As for the lower assy. It is a DPMS 80% type that I finished myself. It contains a inner working for the LR308 platform. The hammer is intact with no unusual marking like the BCG gouging or marring the surface. One thing that has showed up is the buffer retention pin got bent forward towards the BCG. I suspect at one point the system was driven back so hard that the damage to pin occurred. No proof I just suspect it. As I mentioned before the gun shoots one round very well and accurate. That is as much information that I have and can remember. Pictures included. I'm not trying to be difficult about this thread I'm hesitant to give out to much info. because big brother could be watching
  6. Ok let me clarify the not cycling. I mean the BCG does not travel rearward enough to expel the spent shell case. I have purchased a high quality steel magazine and I can manually pull the charging handle back and get the bolt to lock back. I have put at least 100 rounds through the barrel trying to fix the ( cycling issue ) to no avail. The gun can shoot very well with single rounds. It's the part where the BCG moves back where the problem lays. Since I bought all the parts for this gun I have only done the following changed the BCG to a DPMS type. I purchased the wrong BCG. I installed a flash suppressor which made things worse no BCG movement at all. Then I purchased magpol 10 round steel magazines that have improved the bolt catch and manual BCG lock open. As of now the suppressor is removed. I have not fired the gun since doing that. I posted the parts that make up the buffer system. I have suspected that the spring is too long. I have not given thought to buffer being too light. I can understand that part. I have solved so many issues only to have the next problem rear up. Don't get me wrong even though this build has been a royal pain the azz I have learned a lot. I believe that I am missing a vital function. That's why I'm asking for help. I have so much research that I'm swimming in denile. So those that have gone through this can understand. My questions on buffer weight and proper spring length are simple. But there are so many choices. That where I need advice. So I have what appears to be the correct length buffer at 5.2" but the weight is too light. What weight is good? The spring is too long I have heard I should be using a 28-29 coil length. Someone mention the AR308 spring what are the specs? I suppose I can look that up.
  7. Ok the gun is new as of last year. It's an 80% build. It has never cycled properly. I took the suppressor off. I have not shot it yet. My thought as someone mentioned the spring might be to long. That said I'm not sure the buffers weight plays in with not cycling
  8. Good day i currently have a LR308 DPMS platform with a 20" large barrel and the following, flash suppressor, DPMS BCG, adjustable gas block, A2rifle stock. The BCG does not cycle back in the rifle stock I have the following buffer tube is 9.7" long buffer is 5.2" and 4.8oz the spring is 12.4" or 34 coils the last thing changed was the flash suppressor can anyone see anything I'm not? amy help will be appreciated
  9. Howdee i started my AR-10 build in November with purchase of a 80% lower and trigger group from 5dtacticle. I had no clue as to what to do. The interweb is great I found forums to check out. I recently purchased a router jig kit from 5dtacticle and the suggested router and router / drill kit. I do recommend the purchase of a kit that will do ar-10 &-15s. After hogging out the block that turned out great. My story took a turn down the road of troubles. I could not get the trigger group to function properly. Moving along I purchased a complete upper, bolt carrier, charging handle, stock and spring tube assembly. After putting it all together, four things showed up the trigger would not work properly, the spring tube had troubles, the bolt carrier would not cycle and the bolt would not lock back. So here is what I had to do! First I disassembled the trigger group smoothed out and polished all the parts that had rough edges. Then the spring under the disconnect had to much tension so I removed one coil, now the trigger group works. Next the recoil spring tube had a issue where the keeper pin would fall out, the fix the stock has to be threaded in enough to retain the buffer spring plunger so the pi sits hard against the stock end. Next the bolt was very rough and the charging handle was rough easy enough smooth out the parts. The biggest problem was the bolt catch wasn’t doing its job. It turns out that with the upper and lower mated together was causing the bolt catch to not lift up high enough. Everything looked right when it was just the lower the magazine would ingage and lift the catch up enough. It took some time to identify the problem, with upper and lower mated, without the buffer system installed. I slid the bolt back to expose the catch, then while installing the magazine I noticed the catch was contacting the upper side wall not allowing the catch to move up far enough. After carefully removing material from this upper area the catch does what it should. Now the weapon operates properly. I found all the info. online by asking about each problem one at a time. Until each problem was solved. I know this thread is long winded but if you are having any of these troubles maybe my expirence will help point you in the right direction, because I can’t be the only one to face these issues. Thanks for reading.
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