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  1. Yes, I received the upper and BCG back and now the gun works as expected. Casing ejection is about 8 feet away and between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock and the BCG locks back on the last round. 🙂
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to provide an update. Aero paid for shipping to have the upper and BCG sent back to them a few weeks ago after seeing the video and I found out earlier today that the barrel did not have a gas port. So they swapped out the barrel and I should get the upper back sometime next week. Hopefully, the gun won't have any issues after that. If it does, I'll be posting on here again. 🙂 I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for their responses and suggestions and a special thank you to 98Z5V! I sincerely appreciate the offer to fix the gun. Thank you again!
  3. Here are some pictures of spent casings. The scratches on the side appear on all of them. 98Z5V, the internal depth of the rifle extension looks to be 9 9/16 in (picture attached). I had used a chamber brush with CLP before taking it to the range that day. I don't think so. My buddy, who is ex-military did not mention anything either. It does stick a little. Out of the 7 rounds fired, 2 were stuck and required the buttstock to be mortared to extract them. Aero, in their reply, mentioned that if removing the extractor O-ring didn't solve the issue, I would have to send the upper and BCG back to them so that they could verify the headspace. Thank you for the help so far!
  4. I will post pictures of the casings and respond to the queries soon, but here is the video in the meantime. I apologize that the quality isn't exactly the best. Thank you Lane, 98Z5V, Chuck Plissken, and 08sniper! I sincerely appreciate your help and suggestions. New video_Large.mp4
  5. Thank you edgecrusher, jtallen83, and 98Z5V for your suggestions. I did not check the gas block alignment because I'd rather not dismantle the upper, especially since Aero has mentioned that I might have to send it back to them in case the issues persisted after testing it with one less O-ring. Here is the information about the recoil system: buffer length of 5 5/16 in, spring length of 12.75 in and it has 39 coils. I took it to the range today and it was frustrating yet again. I managed to fire a meager 7 rounds of 168 grain Federal Gold Medal in between firing my other guns because none of the spent casings ejected and two of the casings had to be "mortared" out. In fact, the bolt did not move at all (I have it on video)! Also, I found it strange that the spent casings were almost cold to the touch, mere seconds after ejection! The rifle was cleaned and lubricated before taking it to the range, just like the last time, and the BCG was taken apart and cleaned and lubed as well. The only component that I did not dismantle was the ejector and the ejector spring. Admittedly, I did not shoot a lot of rounds (mainly due to frustration), but I fired with and without the second O-ring, with the same results. Absolutely no bolt movement and cool spent casings! 98Z5V, to answer your questions, I run it wet and take apart the BCG, except for the ejector and ejector spring, and squirt CLP until it's almost dripping. With all the issues with this gun, I have managed to fire about 30 rounds in total and I apologize if I come across as impatient for complaining when I have so few rounds down the barrel. But the last month or so has been a learning process and it has been frustrating, but interesting. Thank you again for the help and I look forward to your suggestions.
  6. Hey there! I am going to preface this by saying that I am completely new to this, so please bear with me if I need more clarification on some of the terms and phrases that you guys use. Being a novice, I decided to go with the following components made by Aero Precision and figured hopefully I knew enough to put together a functional .308 rifle: - M5 Complete Lower Receiver w/ MOE® Grip & Fixed Rifle Stock (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-complete-lower-receiver-moe-grip-fixed-rifle-stock) - M5E1 Enhanced 20" .308 CMV Complete Upper Receiver (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5e1-308-20in-cmv-complete-upper) - .308 / 7.62 Bolt Carrier Group, Complete - Phosphate (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/308-bolt-carrier-group-phosphate) - AR 308 Charging Handle (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/ar308-charging-handle) - Magpul PMAG® 20-round Non-Window M3 LR-308 - Black (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/magpul-pmag-20-round-308-black) It turned out I was wrong. I first tested the rifle with 150 grain Remington UMC 308 Win ammunition and fired 17 rounds and every spent casing failed to eject. I ran several tests with just a single round in the magazine and each and every time, the BCG failed to eject the spent casing and failed to lock back on the empty magazine. When the gun was tested with a few rounds loaded in the magazine, it failed to eject the spent casing and it had to be done manually via the charging handle. In fact, the last time I fired the gun with a single Remington round in the magazine, the spent casing was stuck in there so tightly that I had to use the "mortaring" tip I found on YouTube and I had to slam the stock to clear it. Figuring that I might have better luck with different ammunition, I tested the gun with a single round of 168 grain Federal Gold Medal Sierra Match King 308 Win ammunition and the gun functioned in the same manner as with the Remington ammunition. The spent casing was not ejected and the bolt failed to lock back on the empty magazine. I loaded 5 rounds into the magazine and again each time, the spent casings had to be manually ejected via the charging handle. I should mention that I did clean and generously lubricated the gun before testing it with the Federal ammunition. So I opened a ticket with Aero Precision and they suggested removing one O-ring from the extractor and testing again. I haven't had a chance to see if that would resolve these issues and I figured that I would post here in the meantime to see if you guys had any more suggestions. Thank you in advance!
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