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  1. Spring and buffer is otw. Hopefully I'll get a chance to test fire it in its current configuration before the parts come in.
  2. Also this is too long right?
  3. 25762 here's the part number for the sprinco spring. I'm really planning on replacing the buffer anyway for recoil. Will this work with the KAK shorty buffer?
  4. I'll get on it as soon as my castle nut wrench comes in. I'll keep yall posted. Thanks.
  5. The internal depth of the extension is indeed 7" on the dot. Would I be better off to replace the buffer tho?
  6. Hello all, new resident newby here. I've recently purchased a complete lower and upper from PSA and want to share with you some things about my PA10 as I don't know much more than a few searches can tell me. So far PSA's shipping was stellar with only 4 days from purchase to arrival for both lower/upper. I've taken the infamous recoil system apart and behold. I can't take an accurate length measurement of the buffer tube as I am still waiting for castle nut to come in. Ok so if I'm not mistaken, that buffer is completely wrong and it needs to be replaced with the 5.4oz rifle one right? The weights come out to be 2.57oz with the spacer. Spring seems to be just past 11 and 5/16 not sure about that one I'll have to double check but I think it's wrong as well. 🤨 What else am I missing as far as the lower? Thanks.
  7. Complete noob to AR platform. I need to get to the buffer system including me measuring the buffer tube but I have no idea how to remove this stock from the tube. Can't seem to find mention of it anywhere. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys!
  9. Yeah I've seen quite a few horror stories but I've also seen pa-10's that run everything out of the box. I'll do a post about the specific upper , lower, and adj gas block I just purchased from them and add to the stockpile of info.
  10. Hello all, i searched around a bit and didn't find a post about PSA's adjustable gas block. I just purchased a complete upper and lower from psa and was wondering if anyone had any experience with their own adj gas block. Cheers.
  11. Anyone else from the south on here? Looking to learn more about the 308AR platform and fire off as many rounds as possible.
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