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  1. Oh thats a given haha I searched for the jp bcg and this came up so I just assumed it was included in the build. I just specifically wanted a real review of the bcg itself to check fitment and reliability within a PSA upper.
  2. I know this is really old but I'm looking at putting the same low mass jp bcg into my gen 2 pa10 and wanted to know if you ever got the gun running just right and if so what the issue/s were. thanks.
  3. I can weigh it again and get back with you. But that's what the scale said at the time. It's an old scale that I'm not sure is accurate and I don't have a way of readily testing. But that's what it said. I'll try again when I get to it.
  4. Also can you link me to that low mass build thread? I can't find it. Tia
  5. I'm fine with sticking to a single manufacturer for ammo. My current setup is mostly stock besides the springco orange 308 spring and this buffer https://www.primaryarms.com/expo-arms-308-heavy-carbine-buffer-5.3-oz I believe the gas tube is the wrong length like 98 said but it runs for now. I'll probably wait till it presents a problem to replace it. If I can't get the recoil down to a manageable level then I'll likely have to sell the gun as I need my wife to be able to shoot it.
  6. How do people setup their seemingly recoiless ar15's? I've heard an adjustable gas block is the finishing touch but I swear they reffered to it as "lightening" the bcg. Didn't make sense to me but I couldn't argue with the results. Also the only actual mods are the buffer you recommended and the springco spring. I bought psa's adjustable gas block when I got the gun but I've hesitated putting it on.
  7. Anything fundamental with the gun I can do to lower recoil? I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I'd like to walk away from shooting with a not so bruised shoulder. I haven't gotten a comp yet but was wondering what all I can do to mitigate recoil. Will swapping the bcg for something lighter make a significant difference?
  8. Thats crazy, i wouldve thought the pressure would take a little longer to relieve if constricted like that. Interesting. How does the recoil compare with and w/o the sleeve?
  9. or did you use it w/o the sleeve?
  10. Woah so this redirects gases forward after venting them upward?? Does it work? (am i understanding that correctly?)
  11. So the A2 flash hider is the cause? Can it be completely eliminated by replacing it by any old comp or do many comps do the same thing?
  12. Also any recomendations for one that works well and doesnt break the bank? Also if at all possible id prefer one that doesnt redirect back to my face too much. Ive heard of this being an issue with some.
  13. Interesting. Whats the science behind that? A reflex to the expectation of the recoil?
  14. Ok so second range report and the rifle is still running like a champ. I put the buffer that 98 recommended and i thought it significantly helped with felt recoil, but now ive noticed that the muzzle rises pretty sharply to my 1:00-2:00 area. Is that a symptom of something? I dont recall noticing it on my first run of the gun. Also the recoil is still a bit much for me. Anything i can do for it? Will a comp address felt recoil?
  15. Thanks for the info guys! I think ill focus on the pa10 for now. 👍🏻
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