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  1. Thanks all. See you on the forums.
  2. Hi from TN! Long time AR15 fan here. I recently got a Diamondback DB10 CKMB in a trade. So far, I have 3 range trips and about 160 rds through the carbine. Function is 100%. Accuracy has been very good for the ammo used (mixed types and weights). This certainly hasn't been any kind of real test, but I'm pleased and hopeful. Looking forward to growing and learning here.
  3. Thanks 98! The .308 AR-style semi-auto world is confusing. I need to watch my terminology. That's a helpful thread.
  4. Cool lineup! I'll post a pic as soon as I figure out how.
  5. Thanks Beltfed, that's great to hear. Have you replaced any parts? Have you put 1K rounds through any single rifle?
  6. Thanks for the reply Robocop1052. I'm not looking to change anything now.I'll definitely want to stock spare parts, a BCG, gas's rings, extractor parts, spring & buffer - maybe different weight buffers. I'm new to AR10s and want to make sure I get the right stuff. So you're saying most DB parts are compatible with the DPMS style?
  7. I recently traded for a NIB DB10. I read/watched a LOT of info about DB, and found the pistols (9mm) have some issues, but I didn't find much negative experience with the DB10s. I'm not here to have my choice validated. If you more experienced guys know that they suck, lay it on me. I've only had it two days and I took it to the range yesterday for function test and sighting in a trusty old redfield scope. I shot 80 of mixed ammo/weights - including some super cheapo Monarch steelcase. Accuracy and consistency were as good as I could ask for and function was 100%. Assuming this rifle is a keeper, does anyone know what parts are interchangeable with those from other major manufacturers?
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