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  1. They where great for dark rooms or low light conditions but in bright daylight or any bright light nope.
  2. These Items have been sold locally 1 3 6 7 8
  3. #1 Glock metal night sights, off Glock 19X $50.00 OBO #2 UTG .83" riser mount with tool $10.00 #3 Metal pop up sight set $15.00 #4 Micro muzzle brake 5/8x24 with crush washer $15.00 #5 Ghost Ranger 4.5 connector bar $15.00 #6 CIP 7.62x39 Field gauge $30.00 #7 Original Colt 20 round mag with metal follower. $20.00 #8 OKAY Industries 20 round metal Mag $10.00 dollars #9 Magpul MOE Pmags 20-round mags $10.00 each Will take Paypal for payment all items include shipping USA only Thanks.
  4. Yeah my Aero M5 build is LR-308 DPMS profile, like other's have stated the other upper's where not any profile but theirs, M&P, PSA etc. I got the set the M5 lower & upper, with Aero's M5 lower parts kit with their M5 buffer tube kit, with spring & 2.5" 3.8oz buffer ( I think ).
  5. Well that's great could that mean why it's still processing after ordering on the 9th, by the time I ordered it was Out of Stock. I'll call them Monday to see what's going on with it. Still shows processing on their website, also still no shipped confirmation. But hell they took my money though.
  6. That's what I've been asking. Now what kind to get, I am not tearing apart the barrel again to measure the gas port length again. It cycles fine just want the correct parts if not using the correct parts. So where can I find a Armalite gas tube. Been looking everywhere. Also which one to get Carbine or mid-length Armaliet tube. The barrel I have is a Mid-length gas. This is the length of the tubes I've been using, 11 3/4" tubes. Now do I need the Armalite 12" or 12 1/16" Thanks
  7. Here is the Buffer kit I used, again I used a Aero Precision M5 buffer kit. I counted the coils on the buffer spring 27, it's 11" long. Now the barrel is this barrel (see pics) I did just notice it says AR-10 which is Armalite profile barrel. I didn't see it state anywhere on their being DPMS profile on that barrel. I did purchase it on Primary Arms website At this time yes the rifle functions but I want to make sure that it is correctly assembled. I wasn't sure about that barrel when I purchased it, I did because I was really trying to build a functioning AR-10/Lr-308 rifle under $1,000 dollars. I won the bet & made myself $50 bucks. I hope this information helps. Also the ejection pattern on all ammo used is at a good 3'O'clock ejection pattern. Now would a Armalite profile barrel even fit in a DPMS profile upper like the Aero Precision M5 upper? Don't worry you won't offend me, I like it when I get replies back with a down right honest answer. I just don't want this rifle tearing itself up by using incorrect parts. Thanks.
  8. It's a mid-lenght gas on that 16" barrel. Now would a Armalite AR-10 Carbine gas tube be long enough, also where to get one? I have looked, most are out of stock. It has a .750" diameter gas block by Aero. I got a Aero M5 lower parts kit https://www.primaryarms.com/APRH100158 Now if getting a Armalite Carbine gas tube, would that help with recoil management a bit? It has a kick, a bit more than most have had. Thanks for the information.
  9. I got this since I went with the Aero M5 lower, ejects perfectly at 3'Oclock. Could smooth it down A bit just looking for that right muzzle brake.
  10. Lr-308FUn

    Gas Tubes

    I got this Aero M5 build with a BCA 16" mid-length gas system DPMS profile. I have had no issues with it firing got about 340+ rounds through it without a issue. I have read that I could need a Armalite mid-length gas tube instead of a DPMS length. I know it looks a bit short, but works fine. So leave it or go with a Armalite tube.
  11. Well poop, so checking now is kinda not needed.
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