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  1. What's the number of layers to tell if it's out or gtg. Just curious I might try this. Would name tag labels work?
  2. Well thanks for all the information, I guess you can say I got lucky & got some quality parts. It still gives me a relief that it didn't close on the Field gauge. I knew I should have just got the set. Upon looking at my order from Amazon It did say No go gauge on the discription of the gauge that I was supposed to get. Oh, well. So would it matter now if I got a No go gauge & still checked it?
  3. Thanks for the info. I really didn't think that there is much difference between the AR15/AR10, Lr-308 when it came to head spaceing the rifle. I am glad though that the field gauge didn't close, but I would like to still use a no-go gauge, just for peace of mind.
  4. I was told that since I have several hundred round through it that a field guage would be needed. I guess you learn something new daily. Also to check as I shoot to make sure headspace stays true. I guess I could trade it for a NO-go gauge. I guess though since I didn't gauge it after I built it, since I thought it was like the AR15 which I have never headspaced any of those builds either. Oops. So am I still go to go since it didn't close on the field guage or should I still try a no go just to make sure.
  5. I got a foster field gauge, I tried it out & it doesn't close on the gauge, I have about .20" space when BCG goes forward, even tried to use the FA to push it gently to see if it would go. Nothing solid lock up at that .20" gap. (see pics) I went with a field gauge cause when I build it I didn't head space the rifle before firing. I got around 300+ round I think through this, my note book I had all my info in on this rifle got wet at the range & was soaked. Couldn't read it, sucked.
  6. Sad thing is, the last count showed that only 22% of the Population of the US owned the 400 million firearms in this country. That means there is only 77 million people owne them. There is far greater numbers now that want to take them away. I am not sure how real the new on Fox has been of late, but they just said that 56% of the American people want a assault weapons ban. I say bullpoopy, but not sure what to really believe anymore from the media. Also back in the 70's there where 42% of the population that owned firearms. So what changed, well more laws, more gun free zones & more liberal brainwashing in our schools in the last 3-4 decades since then. I do find it awesome that Texas did add pro gun laws to their books allowing more people to carry in areas that where gun free zones, only unless the place of buisness allows it.
  7. I have sold 2 guns so far to build this beast, sold my Ruger PC 9 carbine yesterday & prior to that my 5.56 AR pistol build, that I really barely shot since I got my 14.7" PSA FN line AR 15. Sold when I was with her my Tangfolio 9mm pistol & my 16" 300 blackout rifle, it was a Anderson that I got dirt cheap. I made money on both but really didn't want to sell them. Hell my first relationship of 14 yrs prior to this one, I bet she had me sell well over 20+ pistols & rifles the 14 yrs we where together, she would hide the bills from me, mess with my account & her's & stop auto payments, let bills get behind while I am working 50-65+ hours a week. Damn women, why cannot I find one that likes guns, lol😁
  8. Yeah it's kinda sad but I think that this Lr-308 build was the start to the end of my last relationship. She was more a liberal than I thought, suddenly wanted me to stop, well slow way down on my guns, not build any or shoot as much, so I took my b-day savings and built this 308. I still paid all the damn bills since she wasn't working at all 90% of the time we where together. Oh, well I think the gun Gods for saving anymore misery with her. I got a nice shooting rifle on a budget that I think looks good & shoots well. Thinking about rattle can painting it a cammo for hunting, since that's what I want to do with it. I did get a different stock also from that MOE stock upgraded to the Magpul ACS stock, like how it balances out the weight of the rifle & gives me a better cheek weld on the rifle.
  9. Buffer is the Aero M5 buffer & spring kit, this one/https://www.primaryarms.com/APRH100158 Have this spring on it's way https://www.primaryarms.com/sprinco-ar10-orange-extra-power-carbine-buffer-spring to try with the standard buffer that came with the kit. barrel has the Armalite carbine gas tube installed, barrel is a mid-length gas? .750" Aero Precision gas block. Muzzle device is the Helius Tactical 1776 brake using a jam nut for install. BCG is this https://www.acmemachine.com/components/bolt-carrier-groups/acme-ar-308-ar-10-mil-spec-7-62-complete-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron/ with a this gas ring installed https://www.primaryarms.com/jp-enterprises-enhanced-one-piece-gas-ring-308 Got these standard gas rings on the way/ https://www.midwayusa.com/product/624588/dpms-bolt-gas-ring-lr-308 I am not liking the Jp cause they don't hold the weight of the BCG, Jp stated that it won't stand up on this gas ring when installed. I have read the best one's to get are these DPMS rings got a set of 3 coming. I am not sure if that shorter gas tube could have been causing the gas rings to get beat up quicker or higher heat. I did notice that the gas is different with the new Armalite gas tube, not as much coming back, I do notice in my videos that the BCG is coming back real hard, the ejection pattern though is right at 3'O"clock so I'm hoping that I can keep that with the new spring. Might have to get a H or H1 style shortie buffer. Thanks for the help. Any other spec needed let me know. Some pics of the last target & the new items installed recently.
  10. I got one of the BCA 16" mid length 416 r stainless heavy barrels, it shoot good for me, I really haven't got the time to play around with any high performance ammo for it yet, did try some SP 150 & 180 grain. Seems to like the steel case ammo the most, shoots the 140 grain wolf Sp real well & the 150 grain Tulammo 308 win well also. Using a Helius Tactical 1776 muzzle brake, works better than some of the other options I've tried, still jumps around a bit, thought about messing around with the buffer & spring to help smooth it out more, just not sure what spring & buffer combo to go with yet go several options.
  11. So what does everyone perfer when installing their muzzle devices. A jam nut or a crush washer. Which one is better or they both the same. Asking cause I have always used crush washers & just used a Jam nut. Thanks for the replies.
  12. https://www.acmemachine.com/ar-308-15-super-slim-m-lok-gen-ii-free-float-handguard/ I have this on my LR-308 & I am using a Aero Precision low profile gas block & it fit's fine. The diameter is 1.39" I have a .750" gas block on my midlength 16" BCA 416 r stainless barrel. Not a issue with it at all they also carry this in the 10" your looking for. Here's mine on my rifle current setup. I forgot to note, that the Acme Machine rails are nice quality for the price. They are DPMS pattern high profile, perfect for the Aero Precision M5 Uppper & Lower.
  13. The mount is a Division G4 mount, got it off Amazon I have had several & never any issues. I have read that they used to supply optic mounts in the 90's to the military but not sure if that's true or not. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B69QFQR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Well picked up a Armalite carbine gas tube, got it installed. Then got a Helius Tactical 1776 brake for it. Used a jam nut this time. Got the scope remounted onto it. Speaking of the scope, I have never had any of these scope mounts do this, but it has happened several times already, the scope seems to keep sliding back in the mount, I have all the screws torqued to correct specs. So will I have to lap this scope in this mount to stop this. I did do a old trick my grandfather taught me, he used masking tape that had a rough texture to it, cut small strips & put them on the top & bottom of the mounts then setup the scope again.. Leveled of course, what is pissing me off is this will be the 3rd time resighing in that scope because of the POS mounts I keep getting. Well it even did this with a Rock River mount several times & also. Not sure if it's the scope or the mounts. The scope is a Vortex Crossfire II Vbrite retical 6-18X44. Nice scope but I am going to get rid of it if it keeps slipping in the mount or lap the mounts to see if this would help. I am going to do a video on that Helius Tactiacl 1776 brake, I have notice not many review on it, I got the suggestion on one of my AR10/LR308 build groups. So I am going to try it out, from what I have seen in some of the videos I've watched is that it works real well with muzzle rise & recoil placement. So if anyone has any suggestion on that scope slidding issue please let me know, thanks.
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