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  1. What I'm saying is it seems to not "malfunction" after the BCG locks back (itself) on an empty Magazine (I can bump it around with the Mag out and it seems stable), however if you manually lock the BCG back don't be doing any chamber checks, etc, because if you look at it wrong the BCG will slam forward. Why is it the Bain of my existance? It doesn't feel nice having a 7.62 size BCG slam your Fingers unexpectedly.
  2. I'm unfortunately limited to 5 Rounds so I get a lot of practice in changing Mags 🙄 and I haven't had the BCG slam forward while jostling around during that. I believe they are the smoked 5 Round Lancer Mags, I'd have to double check though. I have a Geisellie Maritime Bolt-Catch I was going to use in something else, wonder if that would work. It will slam home if I lock the BCG.
  3. I'm not super familiar yet with what would be considered "in tolerance/out of tolerance", but I definitely agree it has a small engagement surface at the moment. Is there anything I can do to remedy that? This is a first gen 716 DMR that was one of a bunch that was used as a demo for a Police Force. I bought it and have put about 100 rounds through it. I didn't really notice it at first because you can drop a Mag and it won't slam forward like it 99% will if you do it manually.
  4. This Bolt Catch/Hold Open is being the Bain of my existance. Any suggestions?
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