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  1. Found one of my friends that had a bridgport mill and I re cut the radius to one that would fit the lowers. Took some time but they now fit. Just wanted to warn people not to purchase from this organization. In particular the AR 10 lowers.
  2. I certainly understand the fact that it is now a firearm. However they should have either a warning that they may not fit DPMS style due to the radius. Or let you know you must purchase their Upper Receiver to fit their Lower Receiver. This would allow a person to determine if they wish to purchase or not.
  3. I have had a disappointing bout with a company by the name of "MAS Defense". I purchased 2 ea 80% lower receivers with the understanding they would work with DPMS type uppers. They in fact do not work. By the time you have the trigger pocket taken out to the proper dimensions. You then learn the radius by the buffer tube is propitiatory to this company. Only their upper receivers will fit the lower without extensive work on the radius. If they are able to have the pivot pin and closing pin in the proper place and correctly sized. The magazine well is finished to SR 25 magazines as well as AR 10 mags. Buffer Tube is threaded properly and has the correct location for the buffer stop pin. The only issue is the radius at the buffer where the 2 haves come together. This is purposeful so you must purchase their upper as well. After the pocket is opened up it is not possible to return them to the company. They will not allow you to send them back in any form with or without serial numbers. I have taken these around to the local gun shops and tried these lowers on all AR 10 units available. These lowers will not fit anything that is available which is an extensive list. They will offer to sell you their upper receiver as a remedy however the price is the same as you will pay for proper lower receivers. They do not have a warning of any kind on their add. Just be forewarned and take heed.
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