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  1. Finally received my mid-length barrel and the gas port measures .073 on this barrel: https://blackrifledepot.com/16-308-tactical-government-mid-length-ar-10-barrel-premium-series/ The last thing I need is a gas block and a mid-length gas tube. I prefer the clamp screw rather than trying to dimple the barrel. Any recommendations on the gas block and gas tube ? I did see someone mention YHM: https://yhm.net/low-profile-gas-block-pinch-screw.html
  2. OK guys, now looking at a handguard and want to make sure that I order the correct one. Based on the upper receiver that I have (Aero Precision M5): https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-stripped-upper-receiver It says DPMS high profile and I am assuming that either one of these handguards are good to go ? https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/forend-amp-handguard-parts/handguards-amp-rails/308-ss-handguards-m-lok-dpms-high-prod85946.aspx?avs|Make_3=AR%20xzzx308 https://www.primaryarms.com/aero-precision-m5-enhanced-308-free-float-handguard-m-lok-gen-2-15in Thanks again !
  3. OK - got the Armalite receiver extension kit on order, ballistic advantage SS barrel and AP nickel boron BCG (I mistakenly order the 5.56 BCG and the Black Rifle Depot guy was nice enough to swap it for me for the 308 BCG). Another question, how do I measure the gas port diameter ? Are using drill bits sufficient enough or is there a gauge out there that I need to get ?
  4. Thanks for the feedback 98Z5V. I guess the AP M5 Carbine Buffer Kit is going to my junk drawer. Time to search the site for M5 Buffer Kit recommendations.
  5. Wanted to gauge what you guys have in your 308 AR builds and what works well. Fairly new to AR 308 build so need help in deciding. I currently have: Aero Precision M5 lower/upper, AP M5 LPK, AP M5 .308 Carbine Buffer Kit Would the Ballistics Advantage 16" mid-length barrel pair up nicely with the AP ? Should I stick with the Aero BCG or are there other BCGs that I should consider ? I am assuming Gas Blocks are pretty standard ? What other pairings work well with the AP M5 set ? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Found this site from the NC gun forum I am on as I am building my first AR 308 with matching Aero PRecision M5 upper/lowers. I have built several AR15's but appears that the AR308 is not as simple after reading some of the threads here. Hopefully will not be too painful. Glad to be here. Ed
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