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  1. Armed Eye doc i appreciate you adding throughout this thread. I felt everything posted up here By you and others has only been helpful and friendly. I think coming into a new house I’m doing my best to learn the house rules and being cautious not to step on any toes. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  2. Armed eye doc, 98Z5V asked where I heard about this place. When a thick necked gorilla asks.. sometimes it's best to answer... I had a feeling I might step on a few toes.. and hoped I wouldn't. I felt the question was asked and replied to in good conscience. I know a few places good and bad where administrators are looking to protect a financial investment that they have built,, and why wouldn't they. It's difficult to run a public forum and pay your overhead, much less generate any income for growth. I feel right now in America there are a lot of interested parties who would love to snatch every last gun from the hands of the legally and Constitutionally entitled citizens of our great country and burn and bury every one of them. Not advocating we share sisters, but playing nicely with our neighbors can build some solidarity through sharing of ideas and current events. Thanks for letting me share and thanks for the help.
  3. 98Z5V Calguns forum, Due to the insanity of the laws in this state a lot of good people have put together and run an informative and pro 2A place where we can talk about firearms, complain, laugh a little, discuss law, conduct commerce, and tell stories. A lot of good people there. We unfortunately lose a few every month as they move to free-er states. I would highly recommend it to any one living there or thinking of moving. One of the senior members there helped me out when he learned I was looking for help putting together a build. My experience thus far is that shooting communities tend to take care of there own.
  4. 98Z5V Thank you very much for the advice. A guy on another forum steered me over here and you guys know your gear. I just ordered a dpms pattern upper and lower. I'll stuff the guts into it and put her through her paces. Funny thing.. I just saw a Noveske gen 1 lower pop up on gunbroker after I bought the dpms pattern receivers.. still saved cash this way and can use the SR-25 mags. Beers on me if I ever bump into you or JT.
  5. JT you got that right, DPMS pattern has most the market and it seems even Armalite has switched over. I checked with guys at the Noveske shop and they verified that a gen 1 Noveske N6 is an Armalite AR-10B pattern. I'll check in with 98Z5v, in the couple hours I've been here his name is popping up frequently in a lot of threads as a man who knows his way around this platform. Thanks
  6. JT Thanks, I'm a shooter not a smith, still learning. Wondering if the barrel with barrel nut and bcg would fit an aero M5 upper lower receiver set? I've heard there's a lot of compatibility issues. Thanks
  7. Anybody have a Noveske N6 gen 1 lower Armalite AR-10B pattern collecting dust they want to get rid of?
  8. New guy here from California, hoping for some direction. I have a Noveske N6 gen 1 upper, AR-10B pattern. Not too many Noveske gen 1 N6 lowers in the wild up for grabs. I have a smith who said he could mill the stop shelves out of the upper making it compatible with a dpms pattern lower and to accept dpms mags. I'm curious if anyone has tried this or heard of it being done and also if any input as to what lower would fit this modified Noveske N6 gen 1/AR-10B series upper. Any ideas are welcome.
  9. New member from California checking in. Marine corps veteran 90-98, trying to learn a bit more about AR-10 shooting and building. Thanks for the add.
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