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  1. Sorry to take so long to reply. With quarantine everything has been moving slow. So I sent my g10 upper and my gen 3 psa lower to gibbz. After testing they said that the psa gen 3 was not compatible. So they talked me into buying the g10 lower along with taking my lower apart and switching it over to me. They also said that they would test it and made sure it worked. I just now got around to being able to shoot it... The damn thing still does the thing. Tried 4 different mags all the same. 1st bullet loads no problem. Shoot it and you see it eject and the bolt close in full battery as if there is a bullet in the chamber. Pull the trigger nothing. It will not load 2 bullets in a row its failure to feed just about every time. So now I'm waiting to get back in touch with gibbz arms. Im a little aggravated at the whole process of this rifle build.
  2. Will not load ammo on a loaded mag and wont hold the bolt open on empty. I called gibbz they offered to take a look at it for free and would replace the part if needed and if not I could get a refund.
  3. I just received my C products steel mag and no solution. The steel mag will not hold the bolt open while the p mag would. With the p mag I can push up on it really hard and the bullets will load normal. With the metal mag if I pushed up on the the bullet would load but the bolt would not go into battery all the way. I tried to call gibbz arms they are closed this week for shot show. Either they can fix it l, send me a new one or just return the damn thing.
  4. Ordered a c product steel mag to see if that will work.
  5. May have found a fix. Did some sanding on a pmag along with some tape and I can actually get it to cycle the ammo. I had to file down where the mag would go just a little deeper into the receiver. I will try and take it to my range this week and see if it will actually shoot. I'm also going to order a metal magazine. Went to every chain and small gun store no one cares them. However every part on this build said that it is compatible with pmags. The lower itself will work with pmags using a different upper.
  6. I have built a lr308 and having major feed problems. The magazine will hold the bolt open but will fail to load a round. The bullets will be scratched and sometimes even bent. The parts used in the build are 1. Gibbz arms g10 upper reciver. 2. Palmetto state lower. 3. Ballistic advantage ss fluted barrel.4. Aero precision nickle bolt carrier group.5. Oden adjustable gas block. 6. Cmc 2.5 trigger. I have taken the gun to my local gun smith and has left everyone scratching there heads. We know it is something to do with the upper because a different upper on the PA lower will work correctly. Any help would be much appreciated. Paid so much money for a gun that is nothing more than a single shot at the moment just really want it to work correctly.
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