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  1. Good News...Just seen on TV that the Virginia Bill got pushed aside until next year.
  2. Relay from Gun Talk Radio... Virginia Rep says: "Freedom Began Here, Don't Let it End Here" .... Virginia Citizens Defense League: https://www.vcdl.org/VA-ALERT All citizens from all states welcome ! Have you seen their state flag ? lol !
  3. So if you lived in Virginia and tommorrow that new bill passes, you wouldn't turn in your rifle ? I keep thinking how I would handle such a situation if I lived there. For some folks, that are old, I guess they don't really care. But, if your a young , its got to be a tough decision. Those people will be felons after tommorrow if they don't comply. I'm assuming lots of rifles will buried in the ground in the next few months and reported lost.
  4. I agree ! Plus, we can't afford to be such assholes in this political evironment ...Join, or die ! If we die, who do we blame ?????????????
  5. Use to be a "Mall Cop", but not any more. One thing I can tell you is, both "Mall Cops" and "Real Cops" do reports ! If I seen a guy with a sidearm, I didn't consider it a "Weapon", but a "Pistol". Like I said, the toaster oven is a weapon !
  6. My guns are for recreation mostly. I grew up shooting. Did you ? That makes it a recreational sport in my opinion. Being a Security specialist, I preach that guns are not weapons. Thats where alot of us faulter. Why ? My cousin once told me: " I can kill a person with a toaster oven, does that mean we should ban small kitchen applicances?" . After working in the "security" field for many years, I realize that most people consider firearems as weapons. Its the toaster oven thats a weapon !
  7. North Carolina, and we need all the help we can get... Damn socialism seems to be taking over this wonderful country that we once called home !
  8. Unless you've been completely oblivious to these damn Democratic anti-gun restrictions, I expect you to get proactive ! Share your proactive attempts here: Me- Gun Talk Radio: https://guntalk.com/gun-talk-radio Dana Show: https://tunein.com/podcasts/Conservative-Talk/The-Dana-Show-p190691/ Twitter: https://twitter.com
  9. Turns out that Smith & Wessons M&P 10 allows DPMS G2 critical parts, such as BGC and Barrel... Yeah, its true !! What this means to me... I can swap a Adams Arms BCG and Gas Block (Big Fan!). http://smith-wessonforum.com/smith-wesson-m-p10-rifles/460403-replacement-barrels-m-p-10-a.html
  10. Drunken I am !!! I don't think any of us have much room to argue with todays political climate. We are all under fire from the Democatic party ! Gather your thoughts and take a minute. Non of us are born all-knowing. Some of us believe in extraterrestrials (such as me) and some don't (such as my brother). Damn, its approximately 100 years later and people are just waking up to Tesla. If you don't keep an open mind, you're surely never to succeed ! Joe Rogan with Garrett Reisman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RG5pXTpLBI Jimmy Church Radio: https://jimmychurchradio.com/ Ha, some good $#!T I'm drinkin !
  11. Ok you bitches...I have some bad news for all you doubters ! Yeah, thats right. Read it and weep ! As a matter of fact. Look at it really , really good; in these wonderful jpeg photos....damn it ! https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/remington-r10-308.6957218/#post-8256602
  12. Y'all haven't proved a Goddamn thing to me ! Tell me why these manufactures don't interchange then maybe I'll give some motherfuckin respect. I've been a machinist while working through school. Until you sons of bitches give me some numbers, you can all, do that thing ! I'm done with your censorship ! fornicate you !
  13. Ok guys...I"m signing out ! You guys take care of yourselves, ok. No matter the hate, best wishes !
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