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  1. Flat spring 11 7/8" Buffer 5 1/4" Inner buffer tube 9 11/16"
  2. When I'd put a round in the chamber and hit the bolt release then try to get that round out ,,,you'd swear you were going to snap the CH . I had to put the butt of the gun on the floor with the muzzle straight up , push with both hands down on the CH. I talked to a guy in the shop about it and he thought he knew what was going on and was going to send some bolt parts. Parts never came so I called back and they said send the upper back. When it came back to me that was fixed but had these cycle issues. That's what I really wanted to know what they did. It would help to learn that for the future and the fact it was driving me nuts trying to figure it out.
  3. Hammer is 7.3mm,,, BCG slot is 12.75mm thanks for taking a stab at it 🙂
  4. Got some updates,, Moriarti sent a bolt catch that worked fine, they wanted the upper back. They did something that fixed the shell being so hard to get out. I emailed them a lot to ask what they did so I could post the results but for some reason they have never got back to me. What ever they did caused another issue. I put 5 in the mag and hit the bolt release. First round always goes off fine. 2 out of the 5 , i would pull the trigger and it's like the BCG isn't totally in and not letting the trigger drop the hammer. I push the FA and you can't see the BCG move and still doesnt fire. Pull the CH halfway and let it go ,,that let's the trigger work for that round. I was getting stove pipes also. I just got a new double ejector boron BCG and tried it out. It took care of the stove pipes but still have the failure to go into let the trigger go. Soooooo I'm guessing I got a gas issue or buffer/spring issue. Whats your thoughts. The brass is landing at 4 o'clock though. Talk about frustrating. What a way to learn though. Moriarti wanted a video of what it's doing so I sent that a month ago, hadn't heard anything back yet. I also upgraded the trigger to a hiperfire 24c. That's absolutley awesome !!!!! I put an Athlon Argos BTR 6x24 on it. Best so far was 3/4 " group at 200 🙂 probably average an inch group with minimal wind.
  5. Just an update, I ran some rounds down range. The gun cycled fine. Brass actually landed within a foot an a half circle. Had some weird scapes on the brass as before. It is still unbelievably hard to get a round out with the charging handle. Moriarti got back to and had a great talk. They really think it's something with the bolt. They are sending me some parts. I put a round in the chamber by hand and it was fine, so very well could be. There sending me a different bolt catch lever also they think will work. I'll keep you posted 🙂
  6. Very true on the headspace. I'll have to clean out some lube that I put on the snap cap earlier. Thanks 98z6v. I think I'll be taking off work Friday and take this to the range. 🙂
  7. Thanks,, accuracy is the only reason I wanted this one so I feel better about it now :-) Ill get the scope on it this week and run some ammo through it. The post after yours is also making me want to get out with it :-)
  8. Thanks, i was thinking of taking a little off that lever first to see what happens. I tried the snap caps first , the pictures was the real deal. I was really hoping the snap caps was the issue but not my luck The scrapes do look like from the lugs. Letting it wear in would be fine, i was just worried about how tight things were.
  9. The reason I got the complete upper was to not have to do the headspace thing, the upper came with the bolt installed. But I sure have thought did they check it or not? The A zooms are metal.
  10. I'm new to this, this CM was going to be my first build but did a 223 to get my feet wet before diving in. This was a DPMS build kit from Moriarti armaments, the upper was a completed one--didnt want to get into all that yet. The 22" SS fluted barrel is from ballistic advantage. Not sure about the BCG. The lower is an 80% which actually sparked the build,,i just had a feeling Pa. was going to jump on board with Va. ( they did, and hopefully that went away for a long time). Milling with the 5d tactical multi platform jig was fun ! Im hooked. I have two issue with this build. #1 the bolt catch wont catch the bolt ( so i guess at this point its just a lever) The pivot action of the lever doesn't have enough travel to go high enough to catch the bolt. I either have to mill out a little in the lower or take off a little of the lever's backside. OR there is another lever i dont know about out there. Im sure others have had this issue, hope someone can help out. Empty mag doesnt activate it either of course. #2 I placed A zooms in the mag to see how it cycles ammo. Pulled the charging handle and left go, went to pull it out and it was stuck. Had to put it on the floor an push down with both hands and came out. You can see in the photos there are markings on the bullet and shoulder of the cartridge. I figure that has something to do with it, none of my other firearms does anything like this. The scrapes in the bullet can easily be felt as is the one in the brass. I ran a camera up in the chamber to see if there was a burr or any signs of why this would be doing this but didn't see anything. I oiled up the A zoom and bolt parts that would possibly be a problem. It got to where i could get it out with one hand but it was very tight. Any help would be awesome
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