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  1. Anyways I listened to you in the end if it matters. I had to have an epiphany for that to happen, but I’m glad I did keep reading into it because then I would’ve been stuck with a shorter barrel than I would’ve wanted for competition use anyways. It’s just a gun at the end of the day. And if I want quality I’ll get it after I put some rounds down range. Not looking to hunt with this thing, regardless who makes the barrel, at 14.5 inches. I’ll save that for a bolt action or race gun later. I just don’t see the point in the original build anymore because I was wanting an all in one in 3 or 4 directions. Something something different tools different situations. if you still wanna be a jackass about the past that’d be fine too, I could use a good chuckle.
  2. Is their barrel really that much better? Not really being picky at all at this point. Is there a reason the bear creek won’t eat anything I feed it? I’ll cancel the order if I can if y’all really think I should. wasn’t planning on swapping barrels out again really, just something I can soldier up with for now.
  3. I mean what’s the difference if it shoots. My thinking was if the BCG can handle it the barrel should be able to handle the rest. like was said before, I could just get something simple to start with, and worry about complicated bullsht after I get up and running. Probably gonna get a 308 bolt rifle to pair so I have more of the same type of ammo layin around. I’m only interested in shooting 0-100 yards with it if I really needed to off the range for some reason. So bear creek seemed fair, not bad, but decent.
  4. I went bear creek because I saw one video and one comment saying how their rifling was pretty good. It was a budget item in an already inexpensive build. Didn’t really see the need to overdo it if I’m trying to listen to your boy here. If I should send it back I will. Should I go with the JP? Lmao
  5. I’m not putting an $800 barrel on a $400 build.
  6. Apparently I can since I don’t listen.
  7. Damn y’all still talkin smack? I never said anything about a suppressor btw. And I found several different flash comps, but I’m not really interested in them anymore as my research has shown me that it’s better for me to go one or the other. I’m sure y’all gonna eat that up. I ordered a toolcraft and a bear creek barrel so far. Who would’ve thought a $400 build would be more reliable than spending thousands with one of the most revered after market suppliers. Oh well. It is what it is, right? If I can give it a bath in a Louisiana swamp like you can the JP 15 and it still wants to shoot, I’ll be a believer. that’ll be the first thing I do when I get it set up. I’ll make sure and give y’all a range test result after that.
  8. I have one more question for you. Would you say the JP VMOS is more reliable than a full mass system, it takes the SCS buffer, or is that complicating it? Damn you found me out.
  9. Yeah I talked to somebody a minute ago that said it doesn’t do as well as going all or nothing on either one. It might be another story with brake comp hybrid though. Idk
  10. That’s actually a flash/brake hybrid.
  11. I know there are a few on the AR 15 platform, but I can’t really find one for the 308. The new plan is a 14.5 weld. Might not be smart if I can’t tune it though and just need to go with the flash hider. Maybe it is smart, 308s have a nice kick. Just thought I’d ask. I don’t really want to go with a brake either because everyone says it’s concussive as hell and some of them give you a blast of heat and smoke, especially on shorter barrels. My thought was to cancel out some of the sound while getting rid of some muzzle rise. If not I’ll probably just go with one or the other. And if I did, which one do you think I should choose?
  12. Well, I’m sold. This rabbit trail ends at the adjustable gas block. I didn’t realize how permanent it is. I found one company that does (BRT) that makes one you can microtune on the fly. But they don’t make one in the barrel size I need. I mean they might if I call them up, apparently they’re a sort of mom and pop thing, and might do it as a one off. But it’s all enough to convince me that I need to just buy a damn bolt action hunting rifle and a heavy ass BCG for my SHTF. Thanks everyone, it’s been beautiful. Hope to see you all again.
  13. I just wanted to know what I was doing before I decide to drop a couple of stacks on a rig. I probably am asking too much out of one thing. And the farther I go down this rabbit hole the more I see that. Like I’m talking about accuracy yet I wanna run a gas system. Oh well, thanks for trying lol
  14. As a matter of fact, they actually don’t say the steel carrier isn’t duty/combat safe. “Our proprietary bolt design, the JP EnhancedBolt™ is superior in every way to a standard Mil-spec bolt. Manufactured from SAE 9310, it has a drastically extended lifespan while design improvements ensure superior function. This high pressure .308 model is designed to open up reliable function of AR platforms with over-pressured loads such as 6.5mm and 6mm calibers.” I was actually thinking of the aluminum version which does say competition use. Fun facts.
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