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  1. There's a place in the world for BCA stuff - Especially considering the AR 10s for under $1000. Sort of reminds me of entry level RIA 1911s
  2. I tried searching ASA, with no results other than Arizona State Armory - but didn't see a web site
  3. What are the options for getting a decent quality Bolt Carrier for use with a side charging mechanism ? I bought a couple of side charging uppers from BCA and I like the design of the side charging handle, but the finish quality of the Bolt Carrier is mediocre and I'm not sure about the metallurgy. They are functioning well, and finish quality is superficial, but if it reflects anything about metallurgy then wear may be an issue.. So what are guys doing ? Can a good quality BCG be drilled and tapped ? It seems like the angles aren't correct for the same geometry of BCA (Bear Creek Arsenal) style handle. Thanks for any suggestions
  4. OK - Easier to find an A2
  5. I'm trying to find an adjustable gas block that has a pic rail that matches the height of the Aero top rail system. I've got an Aero upper including handguard and my barrel is rifle length and that places the gas block out ahead of the handguard, slightly. I'm not completely committed - But I do have a BUIS set for the top rail that accompanies my glass scope, so I'll go in that direction - and if I could find a gas block that matches the rail height, then that would be ideal. I'm not opposed to using an A2 front sight/block either. But I'd like to see what's out there and, so far, I haven't found any Adjustable Pic Rail Gas Blocks that match the Aero rail height. So - As Always - Assistance Appreciated.
  6. OK, order placed. This search drove me nuts. I might have internet issues or something like that, causing sluggish data processing. But whenever I went to search something on Amazon, it always led me to Monstrum, as if there's no other product line... It's obviously a conspiracy.... lol Thanks for helping get things moving in the right direction.
  7. Something where the rear ring is flush with the back of the rail clamp is a huge improvement over what I have been trying to use. At least that leaves room for the BUIS. Warne, ADM is good with the QD, Aero looks like it could work too
  8. Thanks - ADM looks good - The QD is cool too I'm getting more good results on my searches now . But it took a while to reach this point
  9. That's a lot of the point behind getting a 1 piece - Minimal flex
  10. It seems to be one of those things that makes too much sense so there's no demand for it. But somehow the thing that is impractical becomes popular, like 22" wheels with super low profile tires on a pickup truck
  11. Thanks for the replies, gentlemen. Pretty much an example of why searching for an upright 1 pc scope mount can be frustrating. You have the one for $11.99 - Which I'd buy... Except it's 11 mm Then there's DNZ who offer some for hunting rifles in the $40 - $60 range, but for pic rail, they're $139 And apparently nothing in between. It seems like there'd be demand for upright mounts, considering that everyone with glass optics uses a BUIS and offset mounts eat up space on the rail where that could be mounted... I also have a brass catcher that mounts on the rail.
  12. Hi Guys I've spent a good several hours trying to search out a simple 1 piece mount that is not offset, but for some reason the search engine on all the sites I've looked, like Optics planet, Midway, Brownells etc freezes up as I narrow down the filter ... I don't get it. But I've been dealing with this frustration since this morning and it's 8:30 pm now. So I just thought I'd ask here Looking for a 1 pc, No offset - just straight up, 1" tube dia, 1.125" height approx, about $60 price range Any ideas ? I thought it would take about a half hour to find something but I've been at it way too long - No Results Thanks for any assistance
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