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  1. Edit: Check your port size first....If that isn't correct, no buffer set-up is going to work for you. Gotta make sure it's not an under-gassing problem first. Keep in mind also, when re-installing your gas block, all the way back to the shoulder is not always correct. I had to space my block forward of the shoulder .060 to get the port centered. If you flip the block over and line the port up with the set screw hole, this will tell you if it needs to be offset....most gas blocks place the rear set screw directly perpendicular to the gas tube inlet.
  2. With a 20" barrel your running the rifle length gas tube and you should be able to fit a 3/32 drill bit in the gas port. 3/32 is .093. That said, drilling your gas port is the last resort only when you have the rest correct. Gunsmith isn't required, just go with the bit that fits and step it up until you get a 3/32 through it. Use a good bit and a squirt of WD-40. Took me like 2 min to do mine with a hand drill. Get the correct buffer assembly, then throw an adjustable gas block on there to tune it up.
  3. Problem solved. Gas port was drilled .073 for 16" car....I have 20" rifle. Drilled it to .094 and cycles perfect. Moriarti claims to fire all uppers prior to shipping, but now we know. Cycling problem would have been obvious had they.....
  4. Used another of my .308 lowers with standard spring and buffer that cycles great, also used the others bolt...just to weed out possibilities. same problem regardless of configuration. Brass looks fine other than some straight scratch lines down the neck. Although, it looks as though the case expansion line is a little higher on the case. Have not gaged headspace, I plan to buy the gages if I cant solve the problem. Upper was purchased complete through Moriarti Armaments.
  5. Had it pretty wet with CLP, then went back out and lubed it up with grease. I'll try soaking it in mobile 1 overnight and try it again in the a.m. Thanks bud for the quick help. I'll post the results in the morning. Hope it works
  6. Wondering if someone in here has run into this problem: I have a newly built DPMS LR .308, 20 in. barrel, Nickle boron BCG, running JP enterprise silent capture buffer, & Odin works adjustable gas block...I cannot get it to cycle, in-fact every shot, the bolt sticks hard forward and its a knuckle buster extracting the round. I've ran the adjustment screw on every click from full in to full out on the gas block...even to the point the screw shot out the front (hopefully I can get a replacement from Odin). I put a non adjustable block on, and exactly the same problem. Triple checked the gas block was aligned correctly. I'm stumped. Once I get the spent round out, the bolt slides like silk. I can chamber a round and extract it smoothly. But once I send a round down range, it jambs up. I removed the upper and looked at the bolt from the underside as it was stuck and it almost looks like the bolt is twisting/sticking behind the feed ramp teeth? Any help would be much appreciated!
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