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  1. Long ashes to my friend.
  2. I have a AR-10 T. I would like a second upper with a 16" barrel for other than target work. Is there a list of compatible no Armalite uppers? The only reason I am not getting what would be my first choice ,an Armalite 16" upper is they are close to $800 shipped.
  3. I am looking for Armalite items Carry Handle EA5050 Detachable Front Sight EA5045 National Match two stage Trigger
  4. Hello, 59yo in Woodstock, GA. Shooting a long time. Marine Corps Vet, and Cigar shop manager. I just got my first 308 AR an Armalite AR-10T. I traded for it. When I got it it had an NC star scope and bipod on it. Unfortunatly it had an after market trigger. A good one but I like a two stage. I will likely replace it with a Larue until I can track down an Armalite . I did find a carry handle but it is a DPMS. Again it will have to do until I find an original. The last thing I will look for is the detachable front sight. I currently have a Daniels defense front sight on a gas block riser.
  5. I got it all sorted with a rifle buffer and a Tubbs flat spring. Runs right. I got a DPMS carry handle. I am still looking for an Armalite carry handle and a front sight.
  6. $12 shipping , they know if you are ordering from them you want OEM parts and can stick it to you.
  7. Armalite is out of stock on A2 Stock kits, buffer kit but did have a buffer so I ordered one. So now I just need to find the correct spring.
  8. How much does quality vary between buffer tubes?
  9. Ok so it looks like I need to buy a 308 rifle buffer and spring.
  10. Spring is 10 1/2" buffer is marked H2 and is 2 1/2" long.
  11. I am not really working on a build but I did buy an Armalite AR-10 T that for whatever reason someone put a Magpul STR stock on it. I have an A2 stock but the buffer tube is longer than the Magpul. My question is do I need to make any changes to either the buffer, spring or tube? This is the spring and buffer in the A2 tube.
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