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  1. Thanks, 98Z! Yeah, Dust, that looks pretty similar. Mine are split a little more, but very tight groups in 2 distinct places, rather than a looser grouping.
  2. Thanks for linking that! Yeah, I tried a better scope with a different mount and the grouping got a little worse but with the same pattern (2 tight groups left and right of the aim point). I did read your gas block reference, Rex, and I'm wondering if I can just run it by a real expert who can give me a more definite answer. It is a process to get to a range (and find ammo), so I'm not so keen on slowly trying out a scope swap, removing compensator, re-torque barrel, taking apart gas block to see if I can figure out if it was touching something. Also, good question: which gunsmith? I'm asking is if this is even a thing to approach a gunsmith about.
  3. Hi all! I'm still at it with my .308, trying to figure out a weird split pattern I'm getting. Had to take a break during the Great Ammo Shortage of 'ought 20. Also just found out my Timney trigger is defective 😞 So working on replacing that. I'm getting a little fed up trying to find the problem with my rifle, it's a slow process of trying to borrow parts or to get to the range (or get ammo). Would a gunsmith be able to diagnose my rifle? It could be the barrel, the gas block, the compensator (swapped scope/mount out, roughly the same split pattern as before). Thanks!
  4. I'll get a pic up. We used his AR-15 vice block to torque it to specs (the barrel). It is free floating except for the heavy duty compensator on the front. Should I look at taking off the compensator to test? It's on there right and tight with shims, according to specs. Thanks for advice so far. I'll try some more groups with pics to help you all help me, lol. I can recall seeing this *once* before like 15 years ago in the service. I don't know what the real problem was, but they sent the rifle in to be re-barreled and it came back working fine. The theory was the barrel fiberglass bedding was compromised, but nobody that really confirmed that. Last question: I think this is purely a barrel issue, does that compute? The compensator is unlikely to produce this randomness. I'll try re-torquing the barrel nut and test again.
  5. That's what throws us! Only to point out some credibility for the human side of the gun, both my friend and I were Marine snipers (amazingly ran into each other again at the same job years later). Now, having said that, I was used to everything being provided by gun-savvy people. But I'm very good with parallax, stock weld, scope relief, etc. We tested the parallax down to the smallest change, have steady breath holds, slow trigger squeeze. My friend has stayed in the gun community and builds AR-15s while I'm coming back to the community after a long break. I'm going to borrow his scope and mount again. I used his for the break-in and got groups about 2.5 MOA at 100yds. Got my new scope and mount and suddenly I'm seeing ~1 MOA groups. If I shot 5 rounds, I'd see a 3-group touching and a 2-group touching, separated by an inch or so. He produced the same thing. We both had a flyer every 10 rounds or so. Just enough to make us question if it is us or the rifle is quirky.
  6. Timney trigger Aero Precision upper and lower and handguard Zero Fail BCG Vortex Diamondback 4-16X scope American Defense Recon straight scope mounts (tightened to 18 inch-pounds) (this model has 2X quick release lock downs) My only 2 guesses are: 1) The gun is not accurate and these are simply part of the cone of fire. They just look like there is a tight pattern but are random. 2) The scope is moving, despite very tight brackets and no discernible movement upon physical inspection.
  7. Hi all! Wasn't sure what sub-forum this belonged in, but I could use a pointer in the right direction to figure this problem out: Criterion 18" M118 hybrid Precision Arms M11 muzzle brake built a new AR308, trying different ammunition in it, and the one consistent thing that I'm getting is tight, separate groupings. Plus a few flyers about every 5 rounds. This was with Hornady Match grade 168 gr. (Lower grade ammo produced exactly the same results just with more flyers and a looser group). In effect, if I adjust my crosshair to center the separate groups, I'd have 3 round tight group to the left of the crosshair and a 3 round tight group to the right of the crosshair and a few flyers. My friend shot this rifle and got similar results. Tight groups that won't stay in one place. Is this just inaccuracy of the rifle showing random patterns? Shoot a 20 round group and look for an average? I did the scope mount to specs, but tighten it more?
  8. Solved! The Armalite buffer and spring fixed the problem. I am having about 3 out of 10 rounds getting "bit" as the bolt face hits the casing. Borrowed a slightly softer buffer spring and that seemed to fix the problem. Thanks again everyone! It was just a balance of gas vs buffer issue.
  9. I did, but I ran across a buffer length/weight chart and it, oddly, pointed to DMPS 7" tubes to use 2.5" and 3.8 oz while Armalite uses 5.8" and a 8" tube. Why would they even sell a 3.8 oz for a .308?
  10. Can I get a clarification: Buddy and I went over the build in detail to figure out where we went wrong. On the Aero M5 carbine kit, we found a single line in the description that basically said "for those interested in setting up a carbine gas system." I realized I've been reading carbine as "short or collapsible stock and shorter barrel," but maybe some companies literally mean "carbine gas system" rather than anything else. It took a lot of digging to get some hints that the 7" buffer tube is for carbine gas systems and a fixed stock is for longer barrels. My 18" barrel seems to fall in that gap between short and long. If anyone has any clarification or knowledge to hit me with, please do! (Also, I'm awaiting my Armalite buffer kit to test). Thanks!
  11. I went the Armalite carbine kit route. Costs the same as the other route and kits are easier. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Thanks 98ZV5! Appreciate the hard info. An old USMC buddy built this for me, so rookie mistake on our parts. Also, thanks for the links, it's hard to find hard info like that in the sea of Google opinions. I'll report back after getting the armalite. Thanks to all for the advice!
  13. I did wipe it with a dry rag before putting it into vault (didn't full clean it yet, I thought I would go to the range this week), but you might be right that I didn't oil it up enough. I've never had a new AR, although my experience as infantry thought it was oiled enough at the range... but I only used well-worn systems compared to a bone dry new system. I'll try giving each carrier piece an oil rub next time and see how it works.
  14. Thanks for the replies so far! This seems like an easier waterboarding than the one I got in SERE school many moons ago. Here's what I got: Aero M5 carbine buffer kit -Buffer is 2.5" and 3.8 oz -Spring is 11" and copper-colored (standard?) Buffer tube is 7" deep Criterion 18" barrel w/ rifle length gas tube Gas tub length is 15.125" (Aero Precision stainless) I'll need to get the bolt clearance photos tomorrow. This was the first batch of rounds I put through it, 3 brands (Winchester, Hornady, and Federal). I lubed it up with RemOil and disregarded the early issues as the oil working in. The problem(s) were slightly different with each brand of ammo. The Federal would stovepipe on extraction. The Winchester would not extract consistently nor feed the next round. The Hornady would extract cleanly (mostly) but would not grab the next round. I could manually rack it and it would grab the next round smoothly (so probably not magazine). My initial thought was putting a full-length gas tube w/ 18" barrel on a carbine buffer was out of balance, as carbines tend to be over-gassed.
  15. Hi all! Criterion 18" barrel w/ rifle length gas tube Aero M5 carbine buffer kit (standard carbine spring and 3.8 oz buffer) I'm getting short stroking from the start. It's not an adjustable gas block, just full open, so that's not an option. Should I but a lower weight buffer or get a softer spring? Or any other ideas out there?
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