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  1. Good to know. I’ve been looking at their products. Everyone is outta stock on them.
  2. Evening guys. Thanks for the hello’s
  3. It’s not that they won’t, when I mentioned, what’s told that had never been brought up. Now that was at kreiger themselves. Frank at compasslake was kinda the same but said they would drill the plus 2 if I wanted it. im not dead set on Kreiger either. I’m really only looking for 2 things outta this build. Reliability and accuracy. Those 2 things to me are what makes a rifle sexy(if that’s even a thing)...
  4. So,I just emailed Clint from Heavy Buffers to help with extension and spring and buffer. Was planning on running a Jp full mass bcg. Arguments valid, and make dang good sense on the plus 2 or standard rifle.. leaning towards the plus 2 tho. Added insurance I guess. not exactly sure how to figure gas port diameter. Would think towards the 9’s and can use block to help control. Deciding on a vltor adjustable block or a superlative arms block, either, in the low pro .936. Barrel, kreiger 22inch, Aero Precision M5 and aero lpk. Vg6 Gamma muzzle device. Still deciding on trigger. And that’s where I’m at with what little I know
  5. Thanks again all. All input is very welcome. Rather spend good money right the first time
  6. So I found a website..... heavy buffers.com. Seems to be saying everything y’all have talked about on the back end of my build. Is this a place y’all know?
  7. Jtallen83, what part of Iowa? I was born in Cedar Rapids and lived around Dubuque, and transferred from Waterloo to St. Louis
  8. Thank you both. When I emailed with Frank at compasslake engineering, he stated that since they will drill the gas port, that they will drill the +2 at no extra charge. I’m good with that. I guess now I need to determine size of hole, gas block, correct gas tube and buffer system. All my ar15’s run with the jp silent capture. when I was looking at compass’s website, the do also offer a head spaced bcg, it’s an A.P. bcg. Think this will be okay or purchase the jp full mass and send in to have configured with my barrel. Now, if I go to Kreiger website, they do headspace a jp bolt to the barrel, and that acted like I was nuts when I asked about the +2 gas port. When you order your barrel from them, they pretty much want you to send in your upper to headspace barrel and bolt and will fit your muzzle device also. i did NOT get into this thinking i was going to build on the cheap, use cheap parts. I didn’t do that when building engines, won’t do it building guns. I sure didn’t start this project to save money, kinda like buying a truck for gas mileage. so order a Armalite gas tube? But first I would need to measure the length from the port to gas key? Same with buffer system. Also order that from Armalite? Any recommendations on part numbers. I’m running A.P. M( set up. again, thank you all
  9. Sharkbait


    Morning all. How’s everyone? Decided that after I was lucky to build 3 functional ar15’s I’d be stupid and try a lr308 in a 6.5 creedmoor. I just started buying parts then stopped after reading more into things, like +2 gas ports and such. I had already messed up and posted this on a different board. Kinda shows I shoulda just went to bed instead of getting online
  10. Hello everyone. I’m just now starting to order parts for my 1st lr308 build in 6.5 cm. My plan was to use a 22’’ Kreiger barrel. I’ve been reading a lot of +2 talk on gas port. I spoke with I believe Kevin from Kreiger today and also received an email from compasslake engineering stating the plus 2 isn’t necessary. I’m wanting to build right the 1st time and am asking the experts for guidance
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