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  1. UPDATE: Got to reshoot the afore mentioned rounds today. ~20 of each, in 2 different mags. rifle fed all of them flawlessly. I guess more ammo down the pipe is needed to be sure. If problems re develop I will fix gas port Thanks to all for the help. RDL...
  2. Morning all, After reading the above, should I just not waste the time/ammo testing the new buffer/spring and take to to the local gunsmith. One of my 'smiths specializes in building AR's for the local 3 gun shooters at my club. I'm just not that familiar with disassembly of the area of the platform..... thanks again, Red
  3. Thanks 98Z5V/M.C. Just purchased heavier buffer and spring... Upper has an adjustable gas block. So, once buffer/spring installed, will test fire again and check performance. Then if needed adjust gas port...
  4. Not being an expert on AR15/10's is why I came to this forum...i'l go with your suggestion on the original part suggestion...if that route taken. I have received a RMA from PSA. They want to look at it. My sons bought this rifle as a retirement gift for me, I feel bad about the problems so far and they feel worse.... On another note, I'm assuming the heavier buffer will allow the bolt to strip a round out of mag more forcibly?
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the help. CAR-10 Buffer - 5.5 ounces - $100 CAR-10 Buffer + .308 Carbine Buffer Spring This is what your suggesting correct?
  6. OK thanks M.C, got some 30W out, will lube BGC. Pics:
  7. Hello, I have a brand new : PSA Gen3 PA10 18" Mid-Length .308 WIN 1:10 Stainless Steel 15" Lightweight M-lok Upper - With BCG & CH PSA Gen3 PA10 Complete STR 2-Stage .308 Lower With Over Molded Grip Its failing to chamber the next round “YESTERDAY, SHOT ~25 RNDS each OF FED GGM 175 SMK, HOR 168 ELD, PRVI PARTIZAN MATCH 308 WINCHESTER AMMO 155’S 2- 10 RND MAGPUL PMAGS LR/SR GENM3, 2- 20 RND PMAG/GENM3 LR/SR WERE USED SHOOTING THE ABOVE ROUNDS. NOT 1 OF THESE MAGS WERE ABLE TO FEED THE COMPLETE MAG WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE AMMUNITION. USUALLY IT WOULD CHAMBER 1ST ROUND, CHAMBER/FIRE SECOND ROUND, THEN WOULD FAIL TO FEED 3RD ROUND…OR MAYBE 6TH ROUND…. OR RAMDOM….” Have contacted PSA yesterday….i’m more of a bolt action guy, but wanted to know what I can check on this rifle. Thanks for the help…
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