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  1. It's an Aero Precision M5. No barrell nut included - now I know why, they don't have any. I think I am stuck or I can return the handguard and buy one from Troy or someone else. The receiver is DPMS threaded. Thoughts?
  2. I am building my first AR-10. After some homework I ended up going with Aero Precision lower and upper. I just received my handguard and it is MINUS the barrell nut, which, in effect, makes it useless. Aero Precision is OUT OF STOCK for barrell nuts as is all of the vendors out there. Since the barrell nut is proprietary ( I found out) to the receiver no other barrell nut will work. Should I return the handguard and try and go with a Troy or other handguard that actually have barrell nuts in stock or am I stuck waiting until Aero produces some more? Thanks for any advice. Not fun spending $1200 on AR 10 parts only to get to the end of the build and can't finish!
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