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  1. I wanted to thank everyone here for helping me work through my issues. As I realized that the problem was in fact the buffer system not working with the rest of my equipment and not the BCG. I have ordered a CAR-10 XH 6.5oz buffer from heavybuffer.com. This will be suppressed with thermal scope for hog hunting. I have already installed the adjustable gas block, new Armalite keymod handguard and A.R.M.S 2A carry handle rail adapter. Next will be the brass catcher. I don't want my steers eating brass. This will be my number 2 gun or if I have friends hog hunt with me. My number one gun is a Stag arms Verminator chambered in 6.8 SPC. Is talking about that round allowed on this site? It is a left handed gun as I'm a lefty. Its a great gun and round with Hornady GMX. With the thermal I can get 20 yards away if I wanted, but 50yds is my preferred range. A YHM suppressing it to the sound of a metal gate closing. My thermal is a ATN 100mm thor 640. I can count the jack rabbits at 800yds. It is a hog destroyer, exsteamly accurate, and fun to shoot.
  2. Should have measured the inside first. Would have saved a lot of headache. On the bright side. I don't have to buy a new BCG.
  3. Re measured the internal measurement of the receiver extension and it is 7" not 7-3/4" as I previously mentioned. External measurement is 7-3/4".
  4. Yes, unfortunately. It has to be the compatibility of the BCG that the previous (dirty word) owner put in it. The buffer is as im researching is for an ar-15. Im in the process of buy a new BCG, spring and buffer. Any suggestions for these parts?
  5. No matter what length, size or weight of the buffer and spring, this isn't going to work.
  6. Thank you for the greetings. Mine is the "B" series. Fixed carry handle and no forward assist and the BCG has forward assist grooves. The upper and lower are Armalite. The stock and grip are Rock River Arms. The BCG has never been fired. There is no oil residue, scratches, or carbon on it.
  7. I found this information with in 308ar.com's website. Armalite AR-10 Carbine Armalite AR-10 Carbine Buffer Dimensions – 3 1/4″ Part Number EC0120 Armalite AR-10 Carbine Buffer Tube Dimensions – 7-5/8″ Part Number 10207025 Armalite AR-10 Carbine Spring Dimensions – Max 11-1/4″ Min 10-1/6″ Part Number EC0040 But then under: "Compatibility>> Armalite AR-10 Buffer system" it states that the Spring dimensions are a 13-3/4". Which is it? If 11-1/4" then my spring is too long. if it is 13-3/4" my spring is too short. Neither of these real salve the problem of the BCG being in the locked back position and the Bolt being over the round by 1-/2", and not behind it.
  8. Just measured the bolt in the locked back position and it is 1/2" forward of the back of the round.
  9. The tube length it 7-3/4". The buffer length is 3-1/4" and is 2.9oz. The spring is 12-1/2" 39 coil. I thought that this was the riffle length and the Carbine length was 24.5 coil 9-1/2". Is that false?
  10. I have a Armalite AR-10A2 carbine that I acquired from an online auction a few months ago. It didn't come with a magazine but the price was right and I have always wanted an AR-10. (Second Hog gun) I finally got a mag and ammo which have been hard to get inexpensively. I load the mag and pull the charging handle and the BCG just rips across the top of the round not even moving it. Ah poop! I pull it back again but slower and the BCG doesn't go far enough back for the bolt catch the round. About 1/4" from getting there. I did notice when I picked up the rifle that the BCG had been replaced. The BCG is nickel boron and has forward assist which my AR-10 doesn't have. Also I found out that the buffer spring was the rifle length not the carbine which my rifle is. My guess is the BCG is not an AR-10A2 compatible and I need to get on that is. I wanted to confirm my suspension first and seek information. I haven't found much information about the differences between all the AR-10 and ar308 variations to measure or identify mine. The only label i have is it has the letters MP stamped on the top of the bolt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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