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  1. @98Z5VThat's not my not my picture I think its from the waterboarding thread.
  2. I want to thank everyone for the time spent trying to figure out my issue my first hypothesis was correct.It was the upper that was warped as I added pressure it threw off the barrel alignment so as the bcg would charge 2nd time it would lock into the forward position rendering the rifle be locked into place.I swaped the old with a new luth upper.It now can cycle 30 rounds no stalling,locking,double feed nothing but pure music to my ears shells eject in perfect trajectory I can now take it out to range for live fire and to hunt Just in time.
  3. @Albroswift thanks for the advice on the tools i did go cheap I got what I paid for Chinese crap.
  4. Could that cause it to act unusual as it locks down on 2nd but not first round if frame is off it will throw internals off?also im thinking of putting a double ejector on this any opinions on that.
  5. If anyone wants specific pictures I'll take this rifle apart im thinking either one of three things or a combination i messed up the upper i messed up the lower i bent the front receiver pins.Why because when I put torque on it the barrel nut took the most of the force.So would eliminate the internals from getting twisted causing the pressure to go on the lower where pins go or on the upper receiver.
  6. @blue109 unfortunately yes I did have the bcg installed when I did all this I should have taken parts out while working on it.poop there's a lot of things I would do differently about this if I could go back in time.there's some pics if you want detailed pics of just cam ill be happy to do so i checked it first day i realized my mistake.
  7. @Albroswift first pic is what im assuming you mean by seated like this it wont line up.
  8. I figured the buffer situation out.I put the spring in first then tighten down until it sat over piece so pin is whats stopping it i know can charge freely back and fourth no issue besides charging handle locking on 2nd round.
  9. I figured out the buffer tube situation spring needed to be seated first i was doing it after I tighten it down.
  10. Does it seat with pin touching the buffer or not and is flat end down or round?
  11. New problem now buffer tube comes off everytime i try and pull charging handle the spring come off.
  12. Ok im just throwing a guess out there is this normal in order for it to line up it needs to be slightly off barrel and gas tube.
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