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  1. Thanks! It was very nice to get someone on the phone who was knowledgeable, friendly and English speaking. Absolutely helpful and it's already in the mail. I'd say great customer service considering it was 100% my mess up from unscrewing it too much.
  2. Called PSA this morning and they are sending me an entirely new gas block, no questions asked.
  3. Maybe maybe not. I definitely moved it a couple of times trying to fix the problem and should've totally closed it the entire way and worked it up which is what I intend to do when I get it fixed. That being said - the worksmanship and fit on the rifle as far as I can tell is top notch. I have nothing but good things to say about PSA.
  4. Man I don't know for sure and first let me say THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND RESPONSE! My first trip out (my range is about 30 minutes away and I have 2 kids so it's hard for me to get to the range more than once a week) I saw that the problem was that my cartridges were loaded too long for the magazine. Minimum COAL for the recipe I'm using is 2.800 inches so I loaded them a bit longer to be on the safe side. They were too long for the magazine so that no doubt was my issue wish FTFs. I fired them one at a time and had no problems. Today I went out with a friend who is new to shooting and was a little distracted helping him sight in his new AR. I was still having problems feeding more than one at a time and was messing with the gas block setting but just thinking since I've never had it dialed in and working with my hand loads that it is still a variable that I haven't solved and may still be a problem. Again - thank you so much for your kind response!
  5. I'd also like to note that with factory Tula ammo the gun runs flawlessly and shoots sub 1.5 MOA groups. Not bad for a sub 1K rifle. This post was about a lost screw caused undoubtedly by my error and hand loads.
  6. Wow OK. Thanks so much for your help. I can tell you are more interested in trashing PSA then helping me out. Guess this isn't such a friendly community.
  7. Again I've had great luck running factory .308 ammo with no problem. I do appreciate your response but by no means am I trashing PSA. I lost the screw due to a combination of me loosening it too far (I think) and running non factory ammo. I think PSA makes an outstanding product for the price point and respect what the company is all about. That being said - I don't think it's fair to say that NOBODY can screw up a standard AR-15. There are plenty of videos/threads out there with folks having problems. Again - thanks for your feedback I'm glad I found this community and hopefully you can all help me through my problems to get this gun running well!
  8. As I said in my original post I don't have a lot of rounds through it, but between it and my AR pistol that I built that was PSA I can say that the 5.56 pistol is much more reliable. As in 1000 plus through the pipe with not a single failure. I will call them tomorrow and see what they say. I will say that I've been able to shoot some pretty good groups with the gun so as a whole I do like it - it runs great with factory ammo I just need to get my hand load recipe down. Thanks for the reply!
  9. No it's actually the piece that the allen key fits into that faces the same direction as the barrel.
  10. I probably have 200 rounds or so through my PA-10. It's run really well with all kinds of factory loaded .308 - everything from Tula to match ammo. It didn't like white box Winchester 7.62 NATO but it didn't upset me too much - just kept running .308. I've adjusted the gas block screw several times, but admittedly didn't close it all the way and work my way up like I should have. Recently I've started making my own hand loads. I've yet to get them to run reliably in the gun, having FTF problems any time I load more than 1 in the magazine. Today I was at the range and after making an adjustment to the AGB screw I fired another round, went back to adjust again and it was gone. When I got it home and removed the handguard the spring was still in the hole but the screw is long gone. I have a couple of questions. 1) Will PSA still warranty it if I've changed out muzzle devices (just a standard brake). 2) What will happen if I run the gun without the screw? Is it just essentially wide open at that point and the same as not having an adjustable gas block? Or is it just the opposite and won't send any gas back into the system without the screw? 3) Will PSA sell me one if I call and ask? I'm calling tomorrow just thought I'd see what feedback you guys here have. Thanks!
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