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  1. I didn't mention but yes I changed out the buffer spring to the Armalite one. As far as ammo I was using Fiocchi 308 150 gr FMJ BT.
  2. Kinda I guess. It started to flip and the open end of the shell casing smashed into the left side of where the barrel and upper meet (oppsite side of the ejector door, although the new round was on that side it prob stopped it from flying out. The round being loaded was on the feed ramp. I have attached a few pictures of the bolt face. (All that gunk is grease and carbon, haven't had a chance to take it apart after the range today.)
  3. I didn't even think about taking a pic to be honest. I did get a picture of the open end of the empty shell casing after I cleared it.
  4. Alright boys, I got the rifle out to the range this morning and IT WORKS.....well mostly. I put 100 rounds through it today and it had 3 FTEs. The BCG was loading a new round as the empty was ejecting. I am thinking I took it from undergassed to overgassed.
  5. @DNP I will get the right spring. I was about to order the AR10 rifle spring from heavybuffers. No idea why Aero would send a shorter spring knowing its a .308 unless DPMS pattern comes with the 11.75 spring.
  6. When I drilled out the barrel I went ahead and took off a few parts to remeasure and the buffer tube is actually 9 and 11/16 inches long. The spring is 11.75 inches relaxed so that being said I am guessing I would just need to get the standard 13.75 inch AR 10 buffer spring.
  7. Update: I drilled out the gas port and it gauged to .092 in the end.
  8. Nah man, of course total understand. I just wanted to be sure I am replacing with the correct parts, that is all. I have no issues with getting this rifle working. I live in NC and we have no restriction on what type of rifle you can use to hunt so my plan was to make this my hunting rifle. Having 2 small children and wife who is a nurse and works weekends my range time has been limited but I will those fixes and report back once I have had a chance to get the range. I got a 1/4 inch wooden dowel and cutting oil from the home depot today and numbered drill bits coming tomorrow.
  9. @98Z5V This might be beating a dead horse but I want to be sure... I was reading the buffer tube thread in the building forum and i noticed the lengths mentioned were for AR10 and not for DPMS. This is a DPMS pattern, should I still get a longer buffer tube (internal length) and spring?
  10. My question at this point would be to what size should I drill to? Should I just go ahead and make it .095 and call it a day or start at .090 and go from there?
  11. Update: I got the correct set of gauge pins and confirmed gas port size of .078. That was the size of the gauge pin and confirmed with the caliper.
  12. Update: Amazon sent me the wrong set, they sent me .001 through .060 not the whole thing.
  13. Honestly, that set only cost me 10 bucks out of pocket, i had some credit left over. I am sure I will spend more once I get the exact measurement.
  14. Amazon but they are a set of Accusize.
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