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  1. @DNP I will get the right spring. I was about to order the AR10 rifle spring from heavybuffers. No idea why Aero would send a shorter spring knowing its a .308 unless DPMS pattern comes with the 11.75 spring.
  2. When I drilled out the barrel I went ahead and took off a few parts to remeasure and the buffer tube is actually 9 and 11/16 inches long. The spring is 11.75 inches relaxed so that being said I am guessing I would just need to get the standard 13.75 inch AR 10 buffer spring.
  3. Update: I drilled out the gas port and it gauged to .092 in the end.
  4. Nah man, of course total understand. I just wanted to be sure I am replacing with the correct parts, that is all. I have no issues with getting this rifle working. I live in NC and we have no restriction on what type of rifle you can use to hunt so my plan was to make this my hunting rifle. Having 2 small children and wife who is a nurse and works weekends my range time has been limited but I will those fixes and report back once I have had a chance to get the range. I got a 1/4 inch wooden dowel and cutting oil from the home depot today and numbered drill bits coming tomorrow.
  5. @98Z5V This might be beating a dead horse but I want to be sure... I was reading the buffer tube thread in the building forum and i noticed the lengths mentioned were for AR10 and not for DPMS. This is a DPMS pattern, should I still get a longer buffer tube (internal length) and spring?
  6. My question at this point would be to what size should I drill to? Should I just go ahead and make it .095 and call it a day or start at .090 and go from there?
  7. Update: I got the correct set of gauge pins and confirmed gas port size of .078. That was the size of the gauge pin and confirmed with the caliper.
  8. Update: Amazon sent me the wrong set, they sent me .001 through .060 not the whole thing.
  9. Honestly, that set only cost me 10 bucks out of pocket, i had some credit left over. I am sure I will spend more once I get the exact measurement.
  10. Amazon but they are a set of Accusize.
  11. @98Z5V I am pretty sure it is short and I am sure that will have to be fixed along with the spring. My gauge pins will be here today so I will update when I have a more accurate measurement of my barrel.
  12. So when 98 said carbine recoil system, was he referencing the spring itself not the overall buffer system?
  13. I was not aware of that! I have a rifle length buffer and buffer tube (at least that is what I had ordered from Aero)
  14. I was taking the word of the manufacturer that it was drilled to spec, lesson learned.
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