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  1. So here is the situation. You are in your home, there has been some trouble with (insert name of group) and you hear someone trying hard to break into your home. Handguns) Your rifles are downstairs but you have have several options in handguns....so which one and why? All Guns) You have access to everything you own...(maybe your just finished cleaning them) Which one and why ? Remember this is at home. Also which ONE (1) first.
  2. Hi all, I know everyone has a bucket list of some gun, hand gun or other. My question is: When you realize your bucket list handgun, are you satisfied after waiting all that time to get your gun? (Mine, on bucket list, Luger P08)
  3. I've been shooting a 6mm Comp Match for several years. I've loaded approximately 3000 rounds in that amount of time. This past spring when I was loading up some practice rounds I noticed that my sized brass was coming out of the die scratched. The scratches are parallel to the axis of the case, and at several points around the circumference of the case. It had been a while since I cleaned the dies so I tore them down and took a look. There where huge brass streaks in the die. I cleaned the die, which ended up being a hassle. I had to use wipe out to get rid of all the brass in the dies. Then I hit them with break cleaner followed by One Shot cleaner/lube. I inspected the dies again. Brass streaks are gone, but I can see pits/burrs in the die body. Using a cotton swab you can easily feel these areas. I'm going to call Redding this week and see if they can hone that out and return the die. My reloading procedure for this brass (after being fired) has been: Tumble ( I think the latest bucket of media is walnut) Anneal Lube (Dillon or Frankford Arsenal lanolin type) Size Prime Charge Seat What happened that I scored this die? Was the brass not clean enough? Lube issue? Die not cleaned often enough. I want to avoid this mistake in the future. Thanks,
  4. Which is best? New Ruger American in 270 no scope for $299.99 +tax and background check or a used Marlin XL7 270 with Nikon prosatff scope and 100 rounds of ammo for $350 out the door? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Don't know if this is old or new news but I just read a study by Rand Corporation on gun ownership in America ranked by state and percent of guns owned per household. New Jersey and Massachusetts were tied for last at 14.7% of homes with guns. Montana was first with 66.7% of homes with guns. Interestingly, Texas is about the middle with 45.7%. I guess thanks to Rand Corporation the Feds now know where all the guns are!
  6. Seems like I haven't bought a gun in years. I reckon I was looking for something to pop up that caught my eye.....and it just did. I just ordered the Springfield Armory Ronin with the 4.25" barrel in 45ACP. After spending days and days looking at Commander size 1911's I discovered two things.First of all, there don't seem to be many guns of any kind available. Damndest thing I ever saw.Secondly, it takes quite a bit of study when deciding on which gun to buy. There really are several good choices in the Commander size 1911. Prices are being held at or even above MSRP. I felt good to get this for $50 under MSRP. Ammo is scarce as well. But, if all goes well, I should have the gun the end of this week, and I happen to have a few rounds of ammo at the house. Two friends of mine have recently bought new pistols and want to come to the house to shoot. I guess their purchases got my interest up. It has been fun and even tiring the last several days looking at so many guns.
  7. hi all,i came across this forum when searching through google, hoping to learn new thing, share ideas and participate in forum discussions.
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