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  1. Yeah, I expect the same. Looking to purchase an aero lower as soon as someone gets them back in stock.
  2. Hey everyone, New member from TX. Have wanted to build a 6.5 CM AR for a while, and only recently started to have the disposable income to start down the road. I found this forum through the main 308AR page after working on compatibility research. Everyone had been very friendly so far, looking forward to more discussion the deeper I travel down this rabbit hole. 🙂
  3. Ok, so I couldn't find anyone online who had done this fitment test. A lot of people have tried PSA uppers on Aero lowers - but I couldn't find anything vice-versa. This is a PSA gen 3 lower and an aero M5 upper (NOT the M5e1, although that only really impacts the handguard) So I decided to give it a try myself, fully expecting it wouldn't work - and worse case scenario I build two guns instead of one. Heads up before you read further - I haven't completed this build, so I can't tell you whether or not the thing shoots. This is just a discussion of the alignment between the Aero upper and PSA lower. Which - it's hard to say. I did get them to mate in the end, but I had to file the edge of the take down pin a few thousandths to get there. Does that count as "fitting"? Probably not. Note too, there is a hairline gap at the back end of the upper where it contacts the lower receiver buffer tube area. Looking down the front of the upper, you can see there is a slight offset - the buffer tube is slightly below center. I don't know if, or how badly this will impact cycling, but we'll see when I get there. Just thought it might be nice for those out there like me wondering "will it fit"? So far I'd say no, save your pennies and just get the right thing. But if you were like me and already had the PSA lower and didn't want to be stuck with their upper - well here you go. They technically will pair up, but you're going to have to ruin at least one takedown pin to get there, and it's not the prettiest thing at all. Before anyone attacks me, yes, I know PSA states they don't play well with others, and honestly I didn't expect much. I don't recommend trying to get PSA to mate to other parts and pieces, this is just trying to add a bit more information out there that I couldn't find before.
  4. No returns accepted I'm afraid. I think I'll proceed with the aero upper. When it inevitably doesn't work, I'll build out an aero lower to match. Still curious to hear specific parts and how things resolve for the OP here. Could be I swap out the recoil system and get lucky.
  5. I'm new here and don't want to hijack further. But now I'm reading all the other PA10 threads and... Yikes. I may still try for the aero upper so at least half my system is viable.
  6. renaissanceman, Do you know which gen PSA lower you have? I just picked up a complete gen 3 lower and was planning on using an aero upper - but now I'm concerned. I had heard they fixed some of their issues with gen 3, but perhaps not...
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