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  • Birthday 07/15/1949

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    Port Ludlow Washington
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    Contact me at bob1949cofer@gmail.com

    Shooting, long range shooting, pistol range shooting. .22 target shooting, Ruger 10/22. Stevens, Marlin, Henry Golden Boy.

    The target below is 225 yards. Nice and tight....

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  1. Virgil

    Ammo sales

    Moderator please delete if not allowed. Any good ammo sites to buy .308 ammo at? My local stores are almost always out of stock. Thanks in advance
  2. Great, NO 7.62X54 for me. and from what I am reading the 7.62X51 is ok, but not as strong of a hitter as the .308. Thinking I will buy the ones on sale, .308 or the 7.62X51. Getting hard to find both in my neighborhood. Any good on line places out there for reasonable ammo?
  3. thank you for that info. I hear from another that the 7.62X54 would also work. Isn't that round a bit bigger in diameter?
  4. Can I shoot the NATO 7.62X51 round in this LR308 Panther Arms rifle? I was told they are interchangeable rounds. True or False? What is the difference if not interchangeable?
  5. I found a brand new owner's manual, with a registration card even, on ebay for $12 included shipping. Paperback and thin, but it shows what I wanted to know. I took the rife out to a range near me, hitting the target at 125 yards nice and clean. 175 yards pattern is not so tight. But still in the middle of the target. I like the way this rifle shoots. Thanks to all that have provided information about the Panther LR308 for me.
  6. Thank you for the information. Sad when records are destroyed, erasing history.
  7. I purchased a used LR 308. I am wondering when it was manufactured. Serial Number is FFK062270. Or a link to look up the serial number. I am also looking to buy a manual for this rifle. Thank you for any information. Sincerely, Robert Virgil Cofer Jr
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