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  1. Alright, alright, alright. Gas block it was. Rifle is functioning beautifully. Took out some of the old lady’s porch pumpkins since I’ve worked on Christmas decorations for the last 4 days after work. I started off at where it was was and backed out until I was golden. Thank you all for your help on this matter. Honestly for the last couple of days I’ve just been reading other boards trying to learn more. Makes me want another one. I’m liking the 6.5. Anyway, Thanks so much.
  2. Haha. I will do just that. It will be a while before I can do that but I’ll make sure to post. I am a Texas born Kentucky/NC raised army brat with an affinity for all things that cut, shoot, and go boom. So any like minded people are good in my book.
  3. I go to Caswell beach when I can. I’m a farmer, and deal with poultry, and COVID has got the industry all jacked up. High demand low manpower. Haven’t been in a month. Starting to have withdrawals.
  4. About 3 hours give or take. I’m about 10miles from the south of the border Sombrero on I95 south.
  5. Not stove piping exactly, it’s extracting the brass just not ejecting. It is getting hung about halfway back. After the first reply I watched a video on the adjustable gas block and I’m 99.9% sure that’s my problem. I was too excited and put it together about 11:30pm outside via headlamp, vise is on my service truck. The video I watched to install must have been a fixed block because the guy never addressed it. Also, I’m a throw the directions away kind of guy, that’s usually my way of learning how things work. I’ll get it adjusted and see . Sorry for being so much of a noob. I am alone with this kind of stuff and really appreciate all the help. It will be a few days before I can shoot again but if the problem persists I know where to go.
  6. I can lock it if I press it in by hand. I did check when I assembled it to make sure the holes lined up and from what I have researched it looks to be seated correctly. I need to study some more on the adjustable aspect of the gas block. I was a little too excited when my parts came in and assembled it about 11:30pm outside via headlamp, vice is on my service truck, and had to wait 4 days to shoot. I’ll check these things out. Thank you for giving me a starting point.
  7. Hello all. I’m new to the group. I have lurked online for a while. I decided to change some things on my DPMS carbine LR-308. I bought a Samson m-lock forearm, and changed the adj stock to. Magpul MOE fixed stock. I went with an Argo low profile adjustable gas block. I did not realize that I needed a different buffer tube. When I did I bought one of those as well ,an AR stoner extreme duty buffer assembly. It came with a new spring and buffer. All parts came from midway all were marked LR-308 compatible I went to sight in today and the gun will not cycle. When fired a bullet will not eject, it gets stuck about halfway. I can cycle it back and it ejects properly, and loads another round. No bolt catch on empty mag. I have read so many threads on the internet that I am completely confused. Im thinking either the spring/buffer is off. I’ve read about making sure bolt is oiled may be an issue. It is maintained properly. Gas rod etc... don’t really know where to start. If my parts are poop, I’ll replace, I just want it to work as designed. Main use us hunting. I’m shooting hornady 150gr interlock, they worked before the changes. A little background on me. I have worked in firearms sales/repairs for 16yrs. But that was after the 90’s ban and I was out before AR’s we’re a huge thing. In my area anyway, that I could afford anyway. I left in 2005 and this is my first time doing work like this. I feel I have a pretty good base knowledge on shotguns and bolt guns, but this style is new to me. I own several but all have factory modifications. I live in rural south east NC. At least an hours drive from a decent gun shop and probably 1.5-2hr on a competent gunsmith. No friends in my circle with any knowledge on this. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. It’s probably my own ignorance , but I’m trying to learn and feel this is the place to seek answers.
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