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  1. Thanks for all your feedback guys ! I went to Atomic Tactical, in Savage MN, to wrap up and had some really great assistance from Kenny & Ron with final assembly using a standard reaction rod to mount the handguard to 55 Ft. Lbs. Told me that would be just fine, and then wrapped up putting on the Aero 12.7" Handguard I have been waiting for delivery over 1 year. Finally wrapped up the rifle with installing the Precision Arms muzzle break I selected. All parts function correctly, and now its time for a scope. Think I've decided on a Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 with EBR-4 MOA SE-1627. I like a grid scope myself personally, and seems this is best for my budget, using an Aero Precision 30mm scope mount in FDE finish. The scope is black, and I like the black & FDE contrast parts, as shown in the pix below. Aero Precision upper & lower, Criterion 18" barrel, Aero handguard, Precision Arms muzzle break, Rise trigger w/anti-walk pins, Magpul soft handgrip and stock. Well, just a little excited to get a scope on it and get to the range. Again, appreciate all the feedback. Best regards, Lfryklu
  2. Thanks Guys, Will let you all know how it does at the range. Handguard still not delivered, but should be here soon. Appreciate all the assistance, Best regards. Lfryklu
  3. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, 65 Ft. Lbs. seems to be a really high torque spec. I guess that is why Aero uses, and recommends the Midwest Industries tool with the charging handle inner brace on their reaction rod tool for torqueing the barrel nut to the upper. So, you think it's ok to use a lower torque number for this job? I just want to get it on, and get to the range. I really do appreciate candid feedback about using a lower torque value, and still be fine. So, let me ask now - What lower torque value would be acceptable to get the job done. Any other comments ? Lfryklu
  4. Hi, Really appreciate your reply, and feedback. The Midwest Industries tool is what the folks at Aero Precision use to complete their upper receiver assemblies. But, it sounds like I'm 'good to go' at 65 Ft. Lbs. torque with a standard reaction rod, that works with either M4, or M5 upper receivers. Mine is an M5, LR308 Platform Is that correct? Thanks Lfryklu
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I called to see exactly what the guy at the Gun Shop was using, but not able to connect yet to see exactly what brand tool it is. Looking over your suggestions and recommended tools, what the shop was using appeared to be a 'Reaction Rod' Square end tightens on the vise and the Upper goes through the bolt channel inside if the upper receiver to engage with the barrel? Been quite sometime since I've looked at it. And now can see different tools, and methods can be used. The Midwest Industries tool has a long square piece integrated right on the Reaction Rod that matches the inner dimensions of the charging handle well inside the upper - see link - https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/MI-Upper-Receiver-Rod-308-p/mi-308urr.htm That's the added piece that the Aero folks were telling me kept the upper receiver form twisting as torque was applied, that makes it different than a standard reaction rod. I've not seen the Wheeler Delta Series tool, and that's not what the shop was using, outside of the upper receiver on a vise, in either position in pix sent. So, now that I think I have the jargon down better, they must be using a multi-purpose reaction rod type tool for both M4 & M5 upper receivers. I can see looking at the Midwest Industries tool that the added piece, about 4" long that rides through the charging handle channel, would provide extra stability to the upper receiver, as torque on the barrel nut is applied, I think my question is - will a standard 'reaction rod' tool work ok on an M5 upper when applying 65 Ft. Lbs. of torque? Or, do I need to buy the Midwest Industries tool, to ensure no twisting of the upper? Does that explain better what I'm trying to say? The guy at the shop said they use their standard tool for both M4 & M5 uppers, but again it was his surprise at the 65 Ft. Lb. torque setting number that caused my concern. Maybe they have only worked on lower torque requirement uppers? Check out the Midwest Industries link above and if you think its 'overkill' for what I need to do on my Aero upper at 65 Ft. Lbs. torque. Thanks so much your responses. Best regards. Lfryklu
  6. Guys, Well, finally Aero Precision made up some 12.7" Gen2 MLOC FDE handguards to sell, that is the final component I have been waiting for to complete my .308 project build. Now that the handguard has been purchased, and on its way to me I am back to my previous question. A gun guy, not sure if he is a 'Smithie', or not told me that the tool they use at their shop for both M4 and M5 upper receiver retention in a vise works just fine to hold the upper receivers in place to crank/torque the barrel nut down. When I told him that Aero recommends a 65 Ft. Lb. torque setting, he 'was surprised', as he told me that most upper mfg.'s advise only a 35-40 Ft. Lb. torque setting. So my question to the .308 group is - Is he right that the M4 upper retention tool that goes in a vise also will work for M5 uppers? Or, is a 65 Ft. Lb. torque setting just 'too much' for the possibility of twisting my Aero upper receiver using the M4 tool? When I spoke with Aero about it, they told me about the Midwest Industries is the tool (link - https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/MI-Upper-Receiver-Rod-308-p/mi-308urr.htm ) that they use at Aero for barrel nut torqueing of M5 uppers & barrels at their factory. ? - Is the M4 tool that the local gun shop here uses for all the barrel nut torqueing of uppers & barrels at their shop going to do the job for me on my Aero upper, barrel nut, & Criterion barrel project, or not? Bummer to have to buy the $150 tool for my 'one-time' use of it for my project, but I don't want a twisted upper at the end of my project, now that I've waited over a year for Aero to finally make 12.7" handguards again. Just asking what you guys think, or maybe someone has one that I could rent, for my 'one-time' use of it? I'm at the point of having to go one way, or the other. Let me know what you all think. As always, really appreciate the knowledge share the guys in the forum provide. Best regards. Lfryklu
  7. Hi, I chatted again with Aero Precision & told me they have no issues with the Midwest Industries tool - https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/MI-Upper-Receiver-Rod-308-p/mi-308urr.htm ? - Does any one have one that they would be willing to either rent, or sell ? Think I'm leaning this way right now. Anyone willing ? LMK Best regards, Lfryklu
  8. Hey Guys, I really appreciate the feedback and input of sharing with me the mounting methods you each used. Have not decided on buying a special tool yet, or not. I'm retired, & no job, so budget is pretty tight, but I don't want to trash my rifle trying to finish it up. Got my thinking cap on, and trying to figure out next move. Almost leaning toward the Midwest Industries tool, as this is what Aero told me they use for this task. Looks similar to the Brownell's tool, but looks like there is additional reinforcement on top provided to the BCG channel area. Am I missing something? Hmmmmmm..... Thanks again. Best regards Lfryklu
  9. Hi Guys, With help from a number of you last year, I'm wrapping up, or at least I think I'm wrapping up my .308 build, but still the handguard I want is BO by Aero Precision & has been for about a year now. Lots of 15" HG's are available from AP, but I want a 12" (12.7") by their measure anyway an M-Loc version, to put on my 18" Criterion barrel. So, in meantime while waiting thought I'd move forward and mount the barrel to the AP Upper Receiver w/Aero Barrel Nut, then mount a HG later. But, I'm reading though different web articles that while torqueing the nut, its possible to twist the Upper Receiver out of shape. On an AR-15 .300 BO build that I did last year, I just put the upper & lower into a vise block set, inserted the barrel into the upper put my Armorer wrench tool on the nut, connected my torque wrench and then hit the spec. Then I adjusted the gas block, put the handguard on & it was done. This build though is LR-308 so its similar, but is still a little different. Being physically a larger upper & lower, don't think will fit my AR block set, which right now I cant find anyway, but now I'm thinking I may need different approach. I contacted Brownell's Tech Support and they recommended a 'Barrel Extension' wrench - 080-001-040WB 308AR Barrel Extension Torque Tool Mfr Part: 100571 Is this what I need to keep from accidentally twisting the upper when torqueing the barrel nut down to spec? Supposedly to more evenly distribute the torque to avoid twisting the upper. I chatted with Aero Precision & told me they use something similar - https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/MI-Upper-Receiver-Rod-308-p/mi-308urr.htm Is there a simpler way to get this done, with just my Armorer's wrench, and torque wrench? Possibly just a larger vise block set to accommodate the larger .308 upper & lower ? Let me know. Thanks & best regards, Lfryklu
  10. Hi Guys My build project is held up due to un-availability of a 12" Aero Precision M5 Enhanced M-Loc handguard, right from Aero. Have most everything else... Any alternate suggestions? I have a notification request in that I've been monitoring for quite sometime... Appreciate Lfryklu
  11. Thanks for your reply. It's good to know that GunTec is a solid brand and, that the MagPul is your 'go to' tool. It is a GunTec tool that I sent the link on. I'll have to look for the MagPul tool... Also good to know that 'it is best' to buy the handguard manufacturers wrench too, that is specific to their HG nut. I am hoping to get opportunity to buy an Aero 12" HG for my build if & when they become available. This GunTec wrench says it does both AR-15 & LR-308 uses, but I know it can't do everything. It looks like quite an assortment of wrench's you have accumulated. If you, or anyone else thinks the link I supplied for the GunTec wrench in the link would be a 'good bet' to buy for most of the LR-308 tool needs, I'll go for it. Appreciate your pointing out the mfgr. specific tool need for their nut. Let me know. Stay heathy. The 'poop storm' is coming.... Best regards Lfryklu
  12. Okay, All parts are ordered & most are received except for the Aero Precision M5 M-Loc 12" Quad rail handguard I want for my build. They have been out of stock, and waiting for them to resupply but not yet - its the last part I need. Question though, I have been looking for an Armorers Wrench/Tool to accommodate .308 builds and most are out of stock and ones available are few & far between. I did find this one from The Country Shed, a combo AR-15/LR-308 multi tool for $32 plus shipping: https://www.thecountryshed.com/GunTec-AR-15-AR-308-Armorers-Combination-Wrench-Gen-2_p_2494.html Can anyone recommend something better than this one? Appreciate the knowledge share. Thanks Lfryklu
  13. Hi Guys 'i have a few more parts to buy, but for one of them I need to ask if the Upper Ejection Port door is 'the same' for either platform - either M4/AR-15, or M5/LR-308? I'm contrasting Upper finish in black, with the door & forward assist button in FDE. I think they are the same, but need to confirm B4 I order. Looking at couple different Muzzle Brakes, but right now I'm thinking it might be a: Precision Arms AR .308 M4-72 SEVERE-DUTY BRAKE In SS Any thoughts on either of these? Thanks Lfryklu
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