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  1. Welcome fellow firearms enthusiast!
  2. It’s called a ghillie ok! bush camo...
  3. Never been past 600.. that is definitely a wet dream of mine. And if showed you my “poor mans precision rifle” then would you believe me? From what I’ve seen, I guarantee drew wouldn’t be caught dead within 20 yards of it...
  4. Actually, come to think of it, what if it’s some kind of Jedi bullpoopy he’s pulled? Am I subconsciously observing and reporting? good thing I work in a different building the next town over. I always thought he might be a little shifty.. q predicted this..
  5. Don’t worry, I can’t be trusted to watch paint dry... and momma didn’t raise no snitch.
  6. I’ve definitely paid a lot less for a blowjob than what these prices are today. I feel like a lot of these companies don’t understand what mutual consent means... perfect example...
  7. God that sounds kinky.. where do I sign up?? Is it a lottery? Or more of a hazing? I’ve been hazed plenty, so I kinda have high expectations. just sayin.. 🤣
  8. @shepp Please dear God tell me it’s one of the original kid killer death trap locking fridges. Always wanted to take one out for a test drive.
  9. @98Z5V I Identify as a unicorn, and would prefer be ridden as such... the baby seals had me saying that’s f*ked, to “how do I get in on this?” in all of a 3 second google search... I think I like it here.
  10. The suspense is figuratively killing me... I like surprises. ..but not a HUGE fan of a surprise extra appendage between a “woman’s” legs... can’t fool me a 5th time...
  11. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment.. thanks for the heads up on the time serts looking into them now.
  12. Thanks! I have had my eye on that one ever since I finished this build in March before everything dried up. I live in one of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad states, so forgive the brace, somehow qualifies as an “other firearm” which is exempt from our awb. Cannot confirm journal size on current aero precision, but was thinking worst comes to worst, barrel cut.. but is it worth my time for the extra 2”? (That’s what she said) plus barrel is fluted so no go on cut? Other option I’m bouncing around is a mid gas 14.5...
  13. ‘Preciate the reply’s guys.. first time I’ve unanimously heard it’s doable... can’t wait to learn a thing or two. Haven’t broken out a tape, and Google fu is weak, what am I looking at here for size from shoulder to end of barrel at 16??
  14. Thanks for the heads up! as to the second part, why do you think he pointed me this way in the first place? ....ohh right... boss.. . thanks! I have faith.. I’ve used them plenty on high pressure aluminum test housings. Which theoretically could explode, but on something that controls an actual explosion is a new one for me. Figure it can’t hurt to ask around.
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