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    semi professional shitposter, and meme war veteran.

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  1. awesome. ill update this once i get the heavy buffers assembly
  2. sorry it took me so long, midterms and work have been clapping my cheeks lately. i just heard from adm, and the gas port is .094.
  3. i just ordered the extended tube and the xh carbine buffer.
  4. sweet. ill put in a order for the recoil system. thank you so much for the advice
  5. im just thankful for all the advice and info on this subject.
  6. it does, from what i gather i need to replace the buffer assembly, with heavier buffer, spring, and maybe a different tube. i am unfamiliar as to the different impacts a carbine/ rifle buffer system would have, and i will honestly defer to your opinion on this. which would you recommend for my build? i also get why i may need to re drill my gas port. on the gas aspect, is it worthwhile installing a armalite/ar10 gas tube, because the one i currently have is definitely for a ar15.
  7. ok, i just sent them a email. worst comes to worst, would i have to get a gunsmith to resize the port? and out of curiosity how do the differing gas port sizes impact the rifles functionality?
  8. yep, 308 win. the ammo i have is 150 grain new from freedom munitions
  9. worst comes to worst, ill call adm and ask them for the measurement.
  10. so, when i took it to the gunsmith to check the alignment, he torqued the poop out of the fastening screws. i dont actually know if ill be able to get it off with the little hex key i have
  11. i looked on their website and online, and i couldn't find the actual measurement for that?
  12. could i get your thoughts on adding a bfs3 binary trigger to the rifle?
  13. the buffer tube is about 7 inches deep, and heres a pic of the buffer if it helps.
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