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  1. I just built my 3rd 80% ar10. This one for a friend of mine. I just finished my full Juggernaut ar10 and it seems fine. My buddy got a SOTA 80% lower and right away the buffer tube threads where not cut deep enough. After buying a $70 tap that problem was fixed very easily. However with everything together I am thinking this lower may have other issues. I read somewhere on here that they experienced a mag catch being cut to low on their 80% I am beginning to wonder if that is not the problem I am having. I have not even fired it and was just trying to cycle rounds. The bolt will catch the round on the right side of the mag but as it pushes up the feed ramp it slips off the rim. Now it seems that the left side of the mag will feed fine. If I hold the mag in tight or rest the mag on the table it will feed. I am by no means a pro at this but I have probably put together a dozen or more 80% 15s and these 3 ar10s. This is the first issue I have had in functionality other than a cheap/slightly bent charging handle on the first 10. any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated thank you
  2. Hank

    New Guy

    Hello, Looking for some troubleshooting and ran across you guys. On my 3rd ar10 build and ran into a problem I dont know how to fix. Now to figure out which forum to ask in. thanks
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