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  1. Jb333


    It's not that I forget that I can call, but I work 7 days a week, and 6am-7pm Monday through Friday for a large hospital system so when I get the time to send an e-mail it's what I do... But at least they did contact me back and ask for my number.. I just didn't call because I dont expect them to be there on the weekends which is the only time I can call at a decent hour.. I put on an enhanced buffer tube and now it charges, just still doesn't feel as smooth as I would expect... this is the first ar 10 style rifle I have had so idk if the heavier bcg it's just normal to be like that? What is the reasoning for an ar10 using the same size buffer tube as an ar15 even though the bcg is so much bigger? I am a long time gun enthusiast, but for a long time non ar anything fan... so I'm just beginning my journey into building which I have found is very addictive. These are the 2 I've built, but now wanting to build something every day... Thank you for the responses..
  2. Jb333


    I e-mailed them a few times since Sunday with pictures asking for help but haven't received any response... I guess ill try it with my other buffer tube this weekend and if it doesn't work I'll just strip it and send it back.. I wasn't rude, I even said hey, if it looks like I'm doing something wrong please let me know... It does kind of suck with all the money I put into it can't even get a response from them..
  3. Jb333


    Live free armory. I think the bcg is just sitting to low, I can charge it with the buffer tube removed, but it is sitting right on the receiver.. I have an enhanced buffer tube on another build, I'll probably take that and see if I have any better luck...
  4. Jb333


    I dont know if the problem is the lower receiver or the bcg, but what I have discovered is that if I pull the back pin and slightly open the receiver I am able to cycle it fine, i put the back pin back in, and I have to mortar it to get it to charge.. Anyone know a fix for this? Is this receiver out of spec? Would an enhanced buffer tube with the lip fix this? Should I abandon the cmc bcg with the larger back end? Thank you
  5. Jb333


    Hello, I am pretty new to building... I built and ar10 in .308 and thought it was finished and about ready to test fire.. The problem I'm having is charging the rifle. It is very difficult to charge, I pretty much have to mortar it to get it to charge. Then when I let it go the bolt doesn't go all the way forward. The bolt catch works, if I release it from that position it does go all the way foward, but if I just pull it back and release slowly, it kind of gets stuck half way. I'm thinking about taking it to a gunsmith, just wanted to see if I could find some assistance first. I built it on a live free armory receiver set, using a cmc bolt carier group, aero 308 lower parts kit. I'm not sure if the bcg is getting hung up on something? Thanks for any help/advice.
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