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  1. Thank you for the wonderful information sir live here in Florida have family in California thinking to relocating to Arizona I was checking up the sniper School you were talking about thank you very much for the info best wishes keeping it real
  2. Rodger that I understand I was just reading the post I figure I just add on to post for anybody who wanted to read the information for information purposes hopefully it will be beneficial to someone else. Wishing you guys all the best out there safe shooting is always good to go put some input out there for someone who might come down the road and look at the article I know that the article is quite old I was looking some information is found this information on barrels I don't recommend cutting a barrel just my point of view and some Marine Corps sniper join the Marine Corps in 1977 seems like a long time ago have to push the train with Carlos Hathcock Semper Fidelis always faithful Master Gunnery Sergeant J Velez USMC forever
  3. PS as a Marine Corps sniper I would not cut the barrel if I were you I just get another Barrel and keep the 24-inch Barrel I have a bull barrel on my LR 308 stainless steel I found out that you can get a halfway decent Barrel Delta Tactical they custom make a complete upper what's the barrel you might want to check it out I myself do not like cutting barrels . Even though I'm a gunsmith I will advise you to just keep your barrel 24in and pick up another Barrel a complete upper and get it the size you want Delta Tactical has good prices I have an Sr 25 with a 20 inch barrel I also have an Sr 25 with a 24-inch Barrel I also have an Sr 25 with an 18-inch barrel I also have an LR 308 will a 24-inch bull barrel also have an LR 308 with an 18 inch bro I would advise you just to go ahead and order a upper complete upper through Delta Tactical. Wish you luck sincerely yours Master Gunnery Sergeant Velez USMC ret
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