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  1. I did see that. If I roll the dice on it, I'll be sure to update this with a result.
  2. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-premium-ambidextrous-pa10-charging-handle-psa-pa10-308-nitride-bolt-carrier-group.html I love the price, but I'm unsure about the quality. Does anyone have first hand experience?
  3. This post is crap. The pictures didn't come in like I wanted.
  4. picsLooking to sell for $500. Like new. No damage. I bought new and have shot about 300 brass rounds through it. 17+1 cap, 4.25" brl, ambi TS. SKU#: 11524. I will pay shipping. Located in Easley, SC. Comes with two 17 round mags, four palm swells, box, and manual. Opt. cable lock. I have more pics and specs upon request. I'm willing to hear any offers! pics pics pics-1 pics-2
  5. Set me back about $80 and a few hours of time. Modest and simple.
  6. I'm pricing components now. I need to put together a workbench first, so I sketched out a plan. Going to get lumber tomorrow.
  7. Wife bought me the Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit for Christmas. I think I want to start with 9mm to get the hang of it. A question for the experienced reloader: do 9mm cartridges need cleaned or trimmed? I see some doing it and some not.
  8. I'm really hope inventories stabilize within the next year.
  9. I made this thread to get thoughtful opinions on a website. Maybe we should consider keeping it as such. Haven't been able to sell the handgun yet. Might just end up keeping it. I hate the thought of selling it to a reseller for half it's value.
  10. I would be buying equipment. I was also told before starting my rifle build that it was a bad time, and it's almost finished. I'm very patient, and I don't buy unless it fits my budget. As long as it saves money per round, the equipment eventually pays for itself. Plus being a little more independent is never bad. If only one could make their own primers, powder, and bullets.
  11. I'm wondering if it's worth reloading 9mm, .308, .223.... Nothing obscure and just for the range. Thoughts?
  12. I made my first listing on GB, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with it? Is it recommendable, or should I GTFO. Thanks for the advice!
  13. It's being held down by the tube.
  14. I got the tube pointed the right direction, and the buffer retainer is held in place. Hopefully it looks correct.
  15. So I go to screw the buffer tube in and the bottom of the tube does not orient properly when snugged up with the spring retainer. Is this just a simple add some spacers fix?
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